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  1. Making It Perfectly Clear: Considerations for Wine Cellar Windows

    Making It Perfectly Clear: Considerations for Wine Cellar Windows

    I have two examples I want to share with everyone currently planning on building a wine cellar.  Whether new construction, a remodel or an addition to the home, it is important to review all aspects of construction with a wine cellar specialist.  These two examples both have to do with heat load and wine cellar windows. The first example is...
  2. Something to Add to Your Wine Cellar

    Something to Add to Your Wine Cellar

    Vintage Cellars is not just about custom built wine cellars and wine storage equipment, it's about wine.  Though I have not yet made it to every wine region of the world (a lofty goal, I know), I like to have my palate travel to each region 1 bottle at a time. Currently, I'm spending the early summer months enjoying Zinfandels...
  3. Anywhere but the Garage!

    Anywhere but the Garage!

    I had a long conversation with a potential client who wanted to explore a new avenue to store his wine.  He was a self-admitted, "not really into wine guy" but his father had given him 20 cases, some Bordeaux, Burgundy, California Cabs and Champagne.  Over the past 2 years, the wine has taken up precious space in the garage.  Immediately...
  4. Taking A Wine Cellar Experience to Another Level

    Taking A Wine Cellar Experience to Another Level

    A shared passion for wine and designing a wine cellar can really close the gap between client and designer.  After several meetings at this client's home, reviewing several wine cellar designs and enjoying a few glasses of wine together we developed a beautiful wine tasting room & cellar.  This client and I often engaged in conversations about a full bodied...
  5. Plastic Wine Bottles?

    Plastic Wine Bottles?

    If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you might be ready to jump out of your seat. On Saturday (8/8/09) I came across and article in the LA Times Business section, “Plastic bottles aim to remold wine industry”. This article has brought up recent memories for the cork versus screw top debate. Now, no one who knows me would consider...
  6. Dining Room Nook Becomes Wine Cellar

    Dining Room Nook Becomes Wine Cellar

    Creating the “Modern” Wine Cellar You’ve finally bought that house of your dreams and that 200 bottle Eurocave just can’t satisfy your desire to grow that wine collection.  Where are you going to build your personal wine cellar?  What about the 7 ft by 30 inch deep nook in your dining room?  Sure, we must consider how to cool the...
  7. Go Green with Recycled Materials

    Go Green with Recycled Materials

    Vintage Cellars is proud to announce two new ways to move toward sustainability in the building industry.  Yes, we have taken wine racking and gone “green”.  As you know, over the past 20 years Vintage Cellars has been the Southern California leader in high end custom hand made wine racking.  Our quality and reputation are unmatched in the industry.  Now...
  8. Discovering Sonoma County!

    Discovering Sonoma County!

    Good Laughs and Port As wine enthusiasts, I’m sure by now you have seen the movie Bottle Shock and the event that put California wines and the Napa Valley on the map. Since that time, Napa has evolved into a major wine destination, with busy tasting rooms and weekend traffic heading north through Yountville, Rutherford and St. Helena. Personally...
  9. Is it Time for a Wine Cabinet?

    Is it Time for a Wine Cabinet?

    Let me start by asking you a simple question; how much do you spend on wine each year?  For most people, the passion for wine starts with a bottle here and a bottle there.  The next thing you know, you have a wine rack on the kitchen counter with 8 bottles.  It might be time to start considering protecting the...
  10. The Case for Custom Wine Cellars

    The Case for Custom Wine Cellars

    Building a personal custom wine cellar has increased in popularity in recent years, but so have wine storage facilities.  There are many advantages to a storing your wine in such a facility, including 24 hour temperature monitoring, walk in or locker style storage and even pick up and delivery service.  There are equally as many disadvantages that may accompany such...
  11. Local Wine Events

    Local Wine Events

    Have you just moved to a new city?  Have you just started to cut your palate on some good wine?  Did you just purchase a 110 bottle wine cabinet and you want to experiment on some new wines?  Get on the internet and start searching for local or regional wine events.  Here in San Diego, there is an incredible event...
  12. Drink it, Preserve it or...Recycle it?

    Drink it, Preserve it or...Recycle it?

    As the world moves to a greener frame of mind, just recycle wine.  I’ve been in many discussions with clients and friends about the topic of an unfinished bottle.  In my opinion, you have 3 options: drink it, preserve it or recycle it.  For the sake of argument, let’s remove the drink it option and you are left with preserve...
  13. Wine and Cheese: Why and How

    Wine and Cheese: Why and How

    Look in your wine cellar or your wine cabinet and pick out a wine...  Read this wine blog and then go to the local market and pick out a cheese.  Enjoy your evening...  I wanted to revisit the classic pairing of wine and cheese to see why it's so popular and offer a few tips. Consider the things that these...
  14. The Wine Cellar: New favorite room

    The Wine Cellar: New favorite room

    Before - The Cellar After - The Cellar   The Stan Story Stan's basement was a room fit for lawn equipment, a ladder and boxes filled with holiday decorations, but hardly a place to properly cellar over 2500 bottles of wine.  Wine is a delicate matter here at Vintage Cellars and cellaring wine at an improper temperature in an...
  15. A Vintage Cellars Custom Wine Cellar in the Wine Spectator

    A Vintage Cellars Custom Wine Cellar in the Wine Spectator

    Vintage Cellars just had a unique custom wine cellar featured in the Wine Spectator. Actually, Jeff Strauss of the Pamplemousse in Solana Beach, Ca was the true feature of the article, but it was a Vintage Cellars design and build. This was a totally unique custom wine cellar project. There are curved display features, 3 rows of high reveal display...
  16. A Wine and Sushi Experience

    A Wine and Sushi Experience

    As you know, Vintage Cellars is located in sunny Southern California.  Sushi and Asian fusion has spread across the country, but it’s been a staple here as long as I can remember.    To bring my sushi experience to another level, I was longing to find a great red wine.  Wine and sushi? That should be interesting... Batman would say “to...
  17. The Wine Lifestyle Meets the Yachting Lifestyle:

    The Wine Lifestyle Meets the Yachting Lifestyle:

    Wine is not just an alcoholic drink poured into a glass, it’s a lifestyle.  Yachting is also a lifestyle that often runs parallel with the wine lifestyle.  One can only assume that people who own 100 foot yachts may have custom wine cellars in their home.  I wanted to bring them together… After engineering a seaworthy wine cellar at the...
  18. The Almost-Custom Wine Cellar

    The Almost-Custom Wine Cellar

    The wine and wine storage industries are not immune to tough economic times. I read a statistic not long ago that showed the consumption of wine is up (by volume) while revenue is down roughly 25%. Basically that means we are all drinking more wine--that’s a plus. The bad news for the wine industry: the market has moved to less...
  19. Is the Wine Cellar Thanksgiving Ready?

    Is the Wine Cellar Thanksgiving Ready?

    Thanksgiving Day is the ultimate challenge.  In my family, the Thanksgiving meal is served by passing the bowl and scooping up mass amounts of side dishes, followed by the massive serving dish of turkey and the vat of gravy to cover it all. Mashed potatoes & gravy, cranberries, fresh biscuits, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, wild rice--good luck pairing a...
  20. Why We Store Wine

    Why We Store Wine

    Recently after a long day shooting wine cabinet education videos, selling cooling units and putting the finishing touches on some wine cellar designs, we needed a refresher course on why we are in this crazy business. In an after hours discussion of the business, new cooling units on the market and recent wine trends, we broke out 3 wines from...

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