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Expert Custom Wine Cellar Designers and Developers trained in the creative wine-as-art industry who offer a bespoke, professional and trustworthy service.

Vintage Cellars has 20 years of experience in Nationwide custom wine cellar design & construction. We can help you with every phase of design and construction on projects of all sizes anywhere in the USA. Whether you simply need advice on the appropriate size of cooling unit or a full custom wine cellar for thousands of bottles, Vintage Cellars is committed to providing you with superior knowledge and service.

Our wine cellar design experts can turn your wine cellar dream into a custom wine cellar reality. Tell us what your style, size and bud- get guidelines are, and we can design a custom wine cellar that will suit your space and your lifestyle. We can insulate, seal and set up cooling in your wine cellar. Custom wine racks are our specialty, and we can design and construct a wine rack system that will hold all your bottles beautifully.

Whether you are new to wine, or are an avid wine collector, there is nothing more beautiful than a custom wine cellar. Even if you have no idea where to start, or already have a concept in mind, the experts at Vintage Cellars are happy to help.

Have something unusual in mind? Because we love wine cellars, we love a custom wine cellar challenge! Previous custom wine cellar projects include a wine cellar on a yacht, a custom built humidor inside a wine cellar, and custom wine cellar artwork. We’re always ex- cited to create new and unusual elements for your personalized wine cellar or wine room. Call us today at 1-800-876-8789 for your free custom built wine cellar design consultation!

“Extremely complex, glass wine cellar demanded a high level of scrutiny when sizing the refrigeration units. Gene Walder gets an A+ for considering all variables and calculating proper refrigeration units for this million dollar wine collection.” Betsey Handler