A shared passion for wine and designing a wine cellar can really close the gap between client and designer.  After several meetings at this client's home, reviewing several wine cellar designs and enjoying a few glasses of wine together we developed a beautiful wine tasting room & cellar.  This client and I often engaged in conversations about a full bodied Zinfandel just enjoyed a night before and what’s your favorite small family winery in Sonoma County, not just the technical aspects of wine racking.  Vintage Cellars, and myself in particular, believe in this close knit bond between client and company to better serve you and your passion for wine.  In this case, it has become a friendship.

Months after the completion of the cellar, I was asked for some food and wine pairing advice.  An upcoming party had to have the right wine pairings to make it a smash hit.  The foods were already chosen and it was my “job” (really my pleasure) to pair some good wines.  It is not in my nature to disappoint, so I spent some time developing a wine list (tasting a few) while staying under $50 per bottle.  Here is the menu with the wine pairings:

Avocado and cucumber soup with toasted crushed pepitas:  2005 E. Guigal Viognier

Chicken tenders with fresh pineapple salsa set over Field Greens drizzled with honey peanut sauce:  2004 Stony Hill Chardonnay

Ceviche: Sea Bass morsels cooked in fresh lemon juice with onions, Aji Amarillo and salt. Served with toasted canchita and patacon (SPICEY):  2006 J. Wine Co. Pinot Noir

Soy ginger marinated steak & asparagus bundles set on Chinese Long Beans:  2004 La Storia Zinfandel.   

Peach Mango Gelato and Peach tarts:  Moscato (non specific)

Here were the results:  “…Then we moved into the wine room, and we had all of the pairings you suggested and they were perfect…everyone was blown away….including myself…and trust me my expectations are always impossible to achieve… Anyways it was great ….thanks again for your help…”

Welcome to the Vintage Cellars experience…