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Calling all Contractors, Designers and Architects!

We value all the partnerships that we have grown in the 30 years we have been doing business. We offer B2B discounts to our contractor customers which include HVAC specialists, General Contractors, Designers and Architects and more. If you are a contractor, our contractor discounts can assist you in taking care of your customers. Reach out to us and we will ensure you receive our expert help designing and or building custom wine cellars of the highest quality and beauty unsurpassed.

Contractor Discounts - Apply Now

If you are a contractor, designer or architect fill out our special contractors' pricing form and receive discounted pricing on our cooling systems and custom racking.

Contracor shaking hands with happy client

If you have any questions or want more information on our "Contractor Discount" program, feel free to contact us by phone or email:

*Contractor pricing is not available on all the products offered.

** We verify all companies before granting access to contractor pricing.

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