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  1. Go Green with Recycled Materials

    Go Green with Recycled Materials

    Vintage Cellars is proud to announce two new ways to move toward sustainability in the building industry.  Yes, we have taken wine racking and gone “green”.  As you know, over the past 20 years Vintage Cellars has been the Southern California leader in high end custom hand made wine racking.  Our quality and reputation are unmatched in the industry.  Now...
  2. The Almost-Custom Wine Cellar

    The Almost-Custom Wine Cellar

    The wine and wine storage industries are not immune to tough economic times. I read a statistic not long ago that showed the consumption of wine is up (by volume) while revenue is down roughly 25%. Basically that means we are all drinking more wine--that’s a plus. The bad news for the wine industry: the market has moved to less...
  3. Sustainable Wine Storage

    Sustainable Wine Storage

    As we've previously discussed here on the blog, green is in! More than ever, people are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to the products they use in their daily lives. Using sustainable wood products is an important part of this effort. The forests of our planet are our oxygen factories, and we can't live without them. Dwindling forests make for...
  4. VintageView Wine Racks Named Best of the Year

    VintageView Wine Racks Named Best of the Year

    Apartment Therapy, the trendy website for design, technology, cooking, and other fun stuff, has just released its list of the best wine racks of the year. One favorite? VintageView wine racks. Good choice, Apartment Therapy--they're one of our favorites too! VintageView wine racks use a unique design that allows you to store bottles label-forward rather than cork-forward, so that you...
  5. Wine Barrels Become Unique Cellar Furnishings

    Wine Barrels Become Unique Cellar Furnishings

    Vintique Collection Custom wine racking has finally gone "green".  Recently, I started working with the Vintique Collection of custom wine racks.  Vintique wine racks are made from recycled wine barrels and fermentation tanks.  The wine barrels and tanks are dismantled and re-engineered into individual wine bottle storage, diamond bins, case storage, glass racks, archways and anything you can imagine. ...
  6. Designer Wine Racks

    Designer Wine Racks

    If you're looking to add some wine racks to your wine storage area, you might find yourself confused.  What with all the different styles, sizes, materials, and colors available, picking just the right racks for your home and your collection can be difficult. To fit your style and your space, you might be tempted to go for custom wine racks...
  7. It's No 'Dilemma'--Vintage View Wine Racks Are Fantastic!

    It's No 'Dilemma'--Vintage View Wine Racks Are Fantastic!

    Have you seen The Dilemma, starring Vince Vaughn? Did you notice the wine racks? Check it out: The wine racks in The Dilemma are Vintage View sideways hanging wine racks, some of our absolute favorite wine racks. Their strength, ease of installation and attractive appearance have made them a superior choice for wine collectors everywhere--and clearly they caught the eye...
  8. A Wine Cellar from Scratch (and Vintner Wine Racking Kits)

    A Wine Cellar from Scratch (and Vintner Wine Racking Kits)

    After moving from Midtown Manhattan to a home in upstate New York, Rick Fraser finally had the necessary space to create his own wine cellar capable of housing 2,000 bottles.  He consulted Vintage Cellars, and decided to use approximately 61 Vintner wine racking kits to construct the cellar he envisioned.  When complete, he wrote us with photographs of his elegant...
  9. Why Wait on a Wine Cellar?

    Why Wait on a Wine Cellar?

    With so many quality wine racking options, the ability to build your own wine cellar using custom racking kits has never been easier.  From unfinished, Rustic Pine Wine Racks and Traditional Redwood Wine Racks, to stylish and contemporary VintageView Wine Racks that allow you to see your bottles’ labels clearly when stored, you’re bound to find a wine racking kit perfect...
  10. Wine Rack Options for Small Spaces

    Wine Rack Options for Small Spaces

    While having your own wine cellar is ideal for storing and managing large wine collections, there may be times when it’s preferable to have select bottles close at hand.  Say, for instance, you use a lot of wine in the kitchen and want some of your wine stored in an easy-to-access location.  Or, perhaps you want to have some nice...
  11. Introducing the New WineMaker Wine Racks

    Introducing the New WineMaker Wine Racks

    The Vintner Wine Rack Series has always been popular here at Vintage Cellars, but we realized many customers are seeking the most affordable, economical option when it comes to outfitting their wine cellars. Our new WineMaker Wine Rack Series offers many of the same options as the Vintner Series, but at a lower price point. The WineMaker Wine Rack Kits...
  12. Creative Wine Racking 101

    Creative Wine Racking 101

    If you and your significant other have talked about creating your own wine cellar, why wait?  Though Vintage Cellars' wine racks are designed by experts, they can be assembled by novices in little time.  This means, with any of the Vintage Cellars wine racking kits, you’re destined for success!  Racks are designed to last a lifetime, and you can...
  13. Introducing the Wine Tube

    Introducing the Wine Tube

    It’s a rack.  It’s a tube.  It’s a Wine Tube!  The Wine Tube is designed to elegantly house and display your precious wine bottles.  It’s unique design will certainly get your guests talking since, when mounted, the Wine Tube give the illusion that it is actually floating away from the wall!  Made from hearty stainless steel, the Wine Tube...
  14. Custom Accents for Wine Cellars: Wine Racks

    Custom Accents for Wine Cellars: Wine Racks

    Whether you're a casual collector who keeps a couple of bottles around for special occasions, or a serious aficionado who has a custom cellar packed with carefully-catalogued wine bottles, one of the keys to maintaining your wine collection is learning about the different types of wine rack styles available. Wine racks hold bottles, of course, but they can also help...
  15. Creative Wine Storage

    Creative Wine Storage

    A cellar customized with Vintner wine racks Lately, your wine collection has grown too ambitious for your storage space. You have bottles in the refrigerator, in the panty, and grouped on every countertop. Clearly, you need a better system. Your ultimate dream is to own a state-of-the-art wine cellar. It will showcase an eclectic collection from all corners of...

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