Vintage Cellars - Yachting Lifestyle Boat ShowWine is not just an alcoholic drink poured into a glass, it’s a lifestyle.  Yachting is also a lifestyle that often runs parallel with the wine lifestyle.  One can only assume that people who own 100 foot yachts may have custom wine cellars in their home.  I wanted to bring them together…

After engineering a seaworthy wine cellar at the beginning of 2009 (on a 124 foot yacht), I wanted to see if there was a marketplace to design and build wine cellars on “mega” yachts.  It took some education on my part, but I believe the term “mega” yacht or “super” yacht means the vessel is over 68 feet in length.  So I headed to the biggest boat show in the United States.

I attended the Ft. Lauderdale Boat and Yacht show down in sunny Florida.  I wanted to educate myself on the industry and discuss the idea of designing wine cellars on really big boats.  I suspected that most yachts had wine cabinets and after discussing the idea with builders, designers and naval architects, I was right.  To my surprise, many industry experts have never even considered putting a wine room, or wine cellar, on a yacht.  Sure, it is commonplace for a nice high end Eurocave or Sub Zero to be located in the galley or entertainment room.

I think the future is bright bringing the wine cellar industry and the yacht industry together…  I’ll keep you posted.

- Jake