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Wine Racks

Whether you have an elaborate, custom-made underground wine cellar complete with tasting room capabilities, a commercial wine room devoted to storing and displaying wine for purchase, or a simple under-counter wine cabinet in your kitchen, the whole of your wine storage space is centered around one basic part: the wine rack. Even if you don't have a special wine cellar or a wine cabinet, you can attractively store your collection in a wine rack.

Ultra Wine Racks contemporary wine racking system

Ultra Wine Racks offers unique and contemporary wine racking systems which inspire cellar collectors and contractors alike to create uniquely different themes for wine cellars, rooms, closets, and walls.

A wine rack is a unit made specifically for storing wine bottles. Wine racks are the basic unit of wine storage. They can function on their own, displaying wines in the kitchen or dining room, on a tabletop, or surrounded by high-tech cooling systems and artistic display cases to form an elaborate wine room.

Construction of Wine Racks

A properly built wine rack will help wine age correctly. Wine racks are usually wooden; the superior kinds of wood for wine racks are mildew resistant, and also moisture retentive to help keep the corks moist. Good choices are Clear Redwood and some species of mahogany. No stains or finishes should be used on the parts of the wine rack that are in contact with the bottles, in order to keep them from introducing any foreign odors to the wine. Wine racks should be constructed to keep wine as pure as it was on the day it was bottled.

Vintageview 24-bottle Endcap Island Display Rack

The Vintageview 24-bottle Endcap is an ideal addition for Island Display Rack 4 displays at the end of any aisle.

Wine racks can also be constructed from metal or glass, enabling them to fit in with a variety of home decors. Wine racks are available in almost every configuration imaginable, from bins to tables to floor-to-ceiling shelves to stackable racks which can be added to as needed. They can be of single or double depth and be designed to fit any bottle size, from magnums to splits. Wine enthusiasts interested in accommodating oddly sized bottles should look for a system with universal dimensions for bottle openings, or a system with variable separation between shelves. Racks for specific bottle sizes are also available, such as the Premium Two Tier Magnum Merchandiser. Wine racks can be found to solve nearly every storage space problem; they can make the most of tight spaces like corners and elegantly fill large ones.

Commercial Wine Racks

Many wine racks are used for commercial purposes. Commercial wine racks enable merchandisers to both store their wines and display them for sale. Commercial wine racks place an emphasis on durability and stylish presentation. Commercial wine rooms use racks that maximize their storage capabilities while displaying their wines attractively to customers. A popular choice is floor-to-ceiling style wall displays like the Premium Adjustable Shelf Cabinet, which utilizes horizontal space to enhance the look of stores and boost sales. Stores typically use a variety of racks to store some bottles and show others off to customers. Commercial wine rooms often attract customer interest by incorporating tasting stations into their wine racking spaces. Commercial wine rooms can take advantage of their space by using a variety of wine racking shapes, such as curved or angled units for corners, circular tabletop units, end caps, and islands.

Wine Rack Kits

Another option available to collectors or merchandisers is wine racking kits. Without having to have wine racks custom-designed to fit in their wine storage spaces, wine enthusiasts can use wine racking kits to create their own personalized wine areas. Wine racking kits are less costly than custom racks and can be mixed and matched to create a customized system for the owner. They can be designed to fit small spaces or take advantage of large rooms. Brands like Designer Wine Racking offer a variety of stains and styles that make customizing a wine storage space simple.

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