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Ceiling Mounted Split Systems

Ceiling-mounted split systems are a popular choice for wine cellar cooling. The evaporator is installed in the wine cellar, mounted to the ceiling, and the condenser section is installed at a distance for efficient ventilation and noise reduction. Vintage Cellars carry a wide variety of ceiling mounted systems, as well as a range of commercial grade split systems including the ceiling, mounted LPQ low profile split system and DQ dual-airflow split system, and the RM rack cooler split system which can be mounted on either ceiling or wall.

Split systems are suitable for all types and sizes of wine cellars. They’re designed to fit into tight walls or ceiling joists with extendable coils, allowing you to mount the condenser everywhere on your property. Our units produce medium to fast air flows at varied distances, ensuring adequate air circulation through any type of wine racking. Likewise, they operate with extremely faint to no sounds, protecting the wines from unnecessary vibrations (Gain more insights on how wines should be stored and served here).).

Every split system wine cellar cooling unit we recommend undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing before they are put on the market. They’re guaranteed safe with an approval seal for industry safety standards, and we select them based on their capacity, longevity, and cost-efficiency.

You can read our Ultimate Guide to Wine Cellar Cooling Units to learn about the different wine cooling systems!

Ceiling Mounted Categories

Ceiling Mount / Low Profile Quiet
Starting at $3,646.00
Dual Air Quiet
Starting at $4,039.00
Ceiling Mounted
  • Ceiling mounted split systems
  • Visually aesthetic
  • Wine cellar sizes: 500 - 3000 cu. ft.
Starting at $6,719.00
Wine Guardian Ceiling Mounted
Starting at $7,350.00

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