Custom Home Saunas: Transform Your Space into a Luxurious Relaxation Space at Home

Custom Home Saunas California Builders

Custom home saunas are becoming more popular among homeowners who love to have a spot in their homes where they can relax and support their health goals. The team here at Vintage Cellars are not only experts in the construction of climate-controlled wine rooms but also in building saunas. We are reliable California sauna builders with the extensive experience and knowledge necessary for creating high-quality and aesthetically appealing custom sauna designs custom-built to meet your unique needs.

Building Custom Home Saunas: Considering Performance, Structure, and Aesthetics

In addition to creating incredible custom commercial saunas, Vintage Cellars can design and build the home sauna you’ve always wanted. Converting spaces under the stairs or old pantry into custom home saunas is increasing in popularity worldwide, including in California. Vintage Cellars is composed of expert sauna builders who provide innovative solutions for your needs. Read on to learn how our team at Vintage Cellars build saunas and the different styles and options available.

Infrared and Dry Custom Home Saunas

Modular vs. Custom Home Saunas

You do not need a large room to enjoy the health benefits and luxurious experience of a beautiful sauna for your home. We offer modular systems available in various sizes to meet the needs of our clients. We recommend custom-built saunas for high-end clients who want to personalize their relaxation spot at home and have it designed according to the shape and size of your available space.

Our clients are often home builders and health-conscious homeowners who are remodeling their homes in Beverly Hills, San Diego, and Orange County. Some of them are owners of gyms, health and wellness spas, and tanning salons.

Traditional (Dry Heat) and Infrared Saunas

We offer traditional saunas (dry saunas), as well as infrared rooms, a newer technology focusing more on wellness. Dry heat saunas have heaters with rocks on them; you could use them for steam as well as for dry heat.

It gets hotter than infrared saunas, up to 194 degrees, depending on your location. You can pour water on the rocks to achieve a higher humidity level to create a steam sauna.

One advantage of infrared saunas is their therapeutic value. They work like microwave ovens, with heat radiating through your skin. Infrared saunas detoxify your body by sweating. They also cleanse your pores and help in losing weight.

Regarding lifespan, both the infrared and dry saunas can last a long time. You can get something that can last for two months, but if you work with reliable California sauna builders, it can last up to 10-15 years. No maintenance is required until something goes out. The heater is a vital component you should look out for.

Installing custom home saunas is more expensive from a labor standpoint because they are more challenging to install. Many wire hookups have to be connected to each of the infrared panels. The time frame for developing and creating everything takes about 7-12 weeks, plus the installation, which usually takes about 7-10 days depending on the size and cost of the sauna. A small or medium sauna can be done in about five days.

Dry saunas are less expensive because installation is more straightforward. Infrared kit solutions range from $10,000-$20,000 for small saunas, $30,000-$35,000 for medium-sized saunas, and up to $60,000 for large saunas.

Infrared Home Sauna Construction

The home sauna construction will come in during the framing stage if the house is being built. However, if the house is already built, demolition of some structures might be required, including going in between the walls for insulation.

Insulation is a Crucial Step in the Construction of Custom Home Saunas California Builder

Insulation is a Crucial Step in the Construction of Custom Home Saunas California Builder.

If you have vertical framing, and the client wants vertical, then you cannot do it. We have to put plywood on the walls, and everything should be leveled-plum with a straight edge before making the tongue and grove joints.

We use standard bat installation on the walls and the ceiling. Eight feet is the maximum height for a sauna. Anything over eight foot is just not worth it, and it is not going to work for you as a sauna because it can become a fire hazard. We will put a barrier all around the sauna room on the framing to prevent heat from escaping the sauna room.

A vent is required for every sauna. If you do not have one, it will void the warranty of your heater. Ideally it should be placed behind your heater. However, if you can’t have it behind the heater, you could have it placed somewhere else.

The vent will ensure that your heater does not get to its high limit, causing it to turn off automatically because heaters have a high limit switch, so they do not blow up or explode. Therefore, it is best to work with a technician and professional carpenter. DIY saunas are for those who want to save money and time, but we do not recommend them because sauna installations require technical skills and knowledge.

Materials and Height of Custom Home Saunas

The wood and radiant barrier will allow the heat to stay in the sauna room. The less wood, the more glass, and the less heat that you are going to get and retain. The benches are made with the same wood on the walls. The perfect height for a sauna is seven feet. Different heights can change your experience in a sauna room. The taller the sauna, the less heat that you are going to feel. The minimum size for a sauna room is 3×3 square feet, and the maximum heat is 194 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is a huge difference in heat that you are going to feel from sitting on a lower bench to the upper bench. Lower benches are usually 18 inches tall, while upper benches are at 36 inches. So all of these should be considered when designing a custom home sauna so you can get the maximum amount of heat.

Custom Home Saunas by California Expert Builders


Adding a wellness spot in your home offers many health benefits and adds aesthetic and resale value to your property. Working with California builders of custom home saunas for your next project will ensure that your sauna room is built according to your needs and preferences.

Our team offers a hassle-free home sauna construction for every budget. If you have any questions or you need professional help, please call us at +1 (866) 970-5471.

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