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  1. Wine Cellar Cooling Units Ultimate Guide

    Wine Cellar Cooling Units Ultimate Guide

    Welcome to the Vintage Cellars Wine Cellar Cooling Units Ultimate Guide. This is a complete guide to everything you ever wanted to know about Wine Cellar Cooling Units. This is a living document and we will update this on a regular basis to improve information and update with new information. For your convenience we have provided a table of contents...
  2. The Reason for Rose

    The Reason for Rose

    The first question one might ask is, “Why does anybody need a reason for wine?” Wine, whatever variety you prefer, is a reason unto itself. Having said this, there are those who might feel some wines need justification, namely roseʹ. This wasn't always the case, and it’s certainly not the case in southern France, now or at any time. Roseʹ...
  3. Making It Perfectly Clear: Considerations for Wine Cellar Windows

    Making It Perfectly Clear: Considerations for Wine Cellar Windows

    I have two examples I want to share with everyone currently planning on building a wine cellar.  Whether new construction, a remodel or an addition to the home, it is important to review all aspects of construction with a wine cellar specialist.  These two examples both have to do with heat load and wine cellar windows. The first example is...
  4. The Case for Custom Wine Cellars

    The Case for Custom Wine Cellars

    Building a personal custom wine cellar has increased in popularity in recent years, but so have wine storage facilities.  There are many advantages to a storing your wine in such a facility, including 24 hour temperature monitoring, walk in or locker style storage and even pick up and delivery service.  There are equally as many disadvantages that may accompany such...
  5. Custom Accents for Wine Cellars: Doors

    Custom Accents for Wine Cellars: Doors

    If you're thinking about installing a custom wine cellar in your home, you know that you want the space to be functional, but also beautiful. After all, your collection will represent wines from around the world, careful hand-picked by you, and aged to their utmost in the perfect conditions. Shouldn't you show them off a little? Much of what goes...
  6. Wine Cellars for Small Spaces

    Wine Cellars for Small Spaces

    You’re a wine lover who’s dying to start a collection. You drool over photos of others peoples’ expansive wine cellars, with their rows upon rows of bottles just waiting for the perfect day to be opened. But you don’t have a handy underground space, or an extra room that can be converted into the wine cellar you covet. You might...
  7. Wine Cellar FAQs

    Wine Cellar FAQs

    Traditional Wine Cellar by San Marcos Wine Cellars Vintage Cellars Thinking about building a wine cellar, but find yourself bogged down by questions? Never fear. Below, we've compiled the questions we are asked most frequently about building wine cellars. Find the answers you've been searching for below. Have a question that's not on this list? Contact us and we'll answer...
  8. In The Mood For Wine? Chill Out

    In The Mood For Wine? Chill Out

    There is nothing more decadent than enjoying a glass of wine, paired perfectly with a scrumptious meal. Wine has an indescribable way of extricating the most subtle flavors from the cuisine you’re enjoying and from the spirits themselves. Traditionally, white wine is served chilled, whereas red wine is presented at room temperature. Red wines don’t typically fall under the umbrella...
  9. Best Wines for Fall Gifts

    Best Wines for Fall Gifts

    September is almost over, and fall has arrived. The leaves are turning, the days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are beginning to cool down. Soon, the holidays will be here; have you thought about what gifts you’ll be giving this season? It’s always a problem, albeit a fun one, to choose gifts for friends and family they’ll appreciate and...
  10. Buying Wine for Investment

    Buying Wine for Investment

    When you think of investing, wine is not the first thought that comes to mind. Most of us think of investments as stocks and bonds and not much else. There are alternative investments to the ones we typically put our money in; these are precious metals (gold, silver, copper), fine art (paintings, sculptures), and rare coins. Wine falls into the...
  11. How to Decide on Wine Storage

    How to Decide on Wine Storage

    If you're like most Americans, you don't know squat about wine. You know you like it, but you tend to just buy it when you’re ready to drink it. Storing wine, whether for the short or long term, never enters your thought processes. You may, however, find yourself getting more interested in keeping wine on hand. It beats running out...

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