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  1. The Almost-Custom Wine Cellar

    The Almost-Custom Wine Cellar

    The wine and wine storage industries are not immune to tough economic times. I read a statistic not long ago that showed the consumption of wine is up (by volume) while revenue is down roughly 25%. Basically that means we are all drinking more wine--that’s a plus. The bad news for the wine industry: the market has moved to less...
  2. A Wine Cellar from Scratch (and Vintner Wine Racking Kits)

    A Wine Cellar from Scratch (and Vintner Wine Racking Kits)

    After moving from Midtown Manhattan to a home in upstate New York, Rick Fraser finally had the necessary space to create his own wine cellar capable of housing 2,000 bottles.  He consulted Vintage Cellars, and decided to use approximately 61 Vintner wine racking kits to construct the cellar he envisioned.  When complete, he wrote us with photographs of his elegant...
  3. Introducing the New WineMaker Wine Racks

    Introducing the New WineMaker Wine Racks

    The Vintner Wine Rack Series has always been popular here at Vintage Cellars, but we realized many customers are seeking the most affordable, economical option when it comes to outfitting their wine cellars. Our new WineMaker Wine Rack Series offers many of the same options as the Vintner Series, but at a lower price point. The WineMaker Wine Rack Kits...
  4. Creative Wine Storage

    Creative Wine Storage

    A cellar customized with Vintner wine racks Lately, your wine collection has grown too ambitious for your storage space. You have bottles in the refrigerator, in the panty, and grouped on every countertop. Clearly, you need a better system. Your ultimate dream is to own a state-of-the-art wine cellar. It will showcase an eclectic collection from all corners of...

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