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Custom Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars

Enhance the dining room, entrance to your home, and more with a dazzling display of your favorite wines to enjoy with your friends and loved ones with a Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar.

Corona Del Mar Newport Beach Glass Enclosed Modern Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar

Glass Wine Cellars are the most popular type of wine cellar today, and rightfully so - they are works of art. This custom project in Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach is no different. Completely enclosed in all glass - this homeowner wanted an industrial feel, so Vintage Cellars worked to utilize materials in metal, glass, wood, and stone to bring it all together. Features label forward metal wine racking and accented with LED lighting.

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Newport Beach Double Entrance Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar with Metal Horizontal Display and Midnight Black Stained Racking

Vintage Cellars had the honor and privilege of installing three separate custom wine cellar options within each of the model homes offered. This walk in wine room is fitted with stunning black mat custom stained maple racking as well as two walls featuring VintageView wall mounted metal wine racking. Along with single deep wine bottle storage within the black maple racking, this custom wine cellar by Vintage Cellars features diamond bins, offset open horizontal coved trays, high reveal display rows, LED lighting and a centered tasting countertop.

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Newport Beach Glass Enclosed Modern Wine Cellar with Traditional Wood & Metal Display Racking

This show stopping, glass enclosed, wine wall style custom wine cellar is one project that we’re extremely proud of! This walk in wine room sits within an almost hidden luxury model home community in gorgeous Crystal Cove, Newport Beach in Orange County, California. Vintage Cellars was fortunate enough to design and install three separate custom wine cellar options within each of the model homes offered.

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Glass Enclosed Stone and Wood Wine Cellar with High Reveal Display Rows, Case Sstorage Drawers, and Decanting Countertop

This 1000+ Bottle, glass enclosed, custom wine cellar was built in Memphis, Tennessee using custom stain and finish and Maple wine racking. This beautiful, almost mid century looking wine room utilizes a 1 ton fully ducted wine guardian cooling system. Vintage Cellars made sure to oversize this cooling unit in this particular wine storage space due to the large glass doors the client wished to incorporate into the space. What a showpiece wine room this space is!

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Los Angeles Modern Farmhouse - Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar with Wood and Metal Display Racking

This special wine room boasts rustic wooden wine racking with single deep individual bottle storage, custom cabinetry, and high reveal display rows spanning the entire back wall. Diamond bins were added below, mixed with some case storage, and a decanting countertop complete with a glass rack hanging above create a special space to socialize and open your best vintages.

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Orange County Glass Front Modern Traditional Wine Cellar with Metal and Wood Racking, Diamond Bins, Coved Trays, and High Reveal Display

The wine room is largely constructed with all heart redwood racking, which adds a very traditional, almost Tuscan feel to the space. The back wall is composed of rows of individual wine bottle storage, intermixed with diamond bins below and high reveal display rows throughout. Along the leftmost side is a wide display of VintageView racks in wall mounted single deep style. There is a door between the racking displayed as well hiding the entrance into the cellar from a back hallway.

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Rancho Bernardo Wine Spectator Featured Glass Front Wine Cellar with Stone, Diamond Bins, Full Reveal Horizontal Display, and Decanting Countertop

In October 2007, the owners of this relatively small wine cellar tragically lost their entire home and wine collection in the wildfires that swept the San Diego area. When the time came in 2009 to rebuild their home, they also wanted to rebuild their treasured wine collection. At the recommendation of a friend, the owners came to Vintage Cellars to discuss constructing a small wine cellar in their new home.

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Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles Glass front Custom Wine Cellar Luxury Wine Room

This gorgeous glass front wine cellar was built in a downstairs basement area within this Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Contemporary Modern architecture with a mix of rustic features line this Los Angeles Home - with this stunning glass wine room riding those same lines. Stone layered walls with dual paned glass windows and front make for a real stunning showpiece of a wine cellar from the outside looking in.

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La Jolla Glass Front Modern Wine Cellar with Metal Horizontal Display Racking

This 1000+ Bottle Glass enclosed Wine Room is a fantastic example of how easy it is to display your wines in a clean and modern design. This contemporary walk in wine cellar in La Jolla, California offers a very straightforward and open feel to storing your most prized wines. The high reveal display row at waist height shows each wine bottle in full sight, maintaining a 45 degree angle as to keep the cork moist and avoid any wines going bad over time.

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San Clemente Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar with Traditional Wood Racking, Tasting Table and Natural Light

This wine cellar is located in a shore-side gated community in San Clemente, California. In a collaboration with Amanda Bloom of Decorative Designs & Remodeling, Vintage Cellars was able to help create an absolutely beautiful wine room inside of this existing nook. This custom wine cellar is fully enclosed with glass, though not in the traditional sense similar to some of our other projects.

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San Diego High-rise Condo Modern Wine Cellar with Glass Front

This stunning glass enclosed modern custom wine cellar was designed and installed by Vintage Cellars. The Contemporary Custom Wine Room was fitted into an existing fireplace space, turning the visually unappealing sore thumb of the room into a magnificent show stopping centerpiece.

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Rancho Santa Fe Wine Wall with Traditional Wood fit with Metal Racking

This unique custom wine wall and tasting room was designed and installed in the La Costa / San Elijo Hills area in San Diego. Offset a few miles from the beach, this gorgeous area has the advantage of a constant sea breeze, keeping the surrounding microclimate some ten plus degrees cooler than just over the hill a bit further inland.

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