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Custom Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars

Glass-enclosed wine cellars provide a modern and sleek wine cellar design and are currently one of the biggest design trends within the custom wine cellar industry. Glass doors and walls in your wine cellar reveal your wine collection as the visual centerpiece of your home or business. Rather than being hidden away on shelves or behind walls, your guests are impressed with a clean and minimalist aesthetic while seeing your grand collection at the same time.

Glass walls create unique design challenges. Vintage Cellars is a team of veteran wine cellar designers. We will ensure your custom glass-enclosed wine cellar is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meets your expectations. Get in contact with us today for your free custom wine cellar design.

A Glass, Luxury Modern Wine Cellar that Seamlessly Flows with this Ultra-Modern Designed Home

An ultra-modern home off Balboa Island wanted not one, but two glass-enclosed wine cellars added to their home. With our help, they not only ended up with a stunning modern wine cellar, but seamless flow and integration with the home and its design.

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Underground Wine Cellar in the Kitchen? Yes, 15-Foot Skylight in the Wine Cellar is a Glass Floor in the Kitchen

Experience the epitome of luxury with a custom-designed underground wine cellar boasting a glass floor view from the kitchen. This 15-foot-tall marvel features skylights, modern wine racking, and a unique cooling system. Explore the seamless integration of high-end cabinetry and lighting, expertly crafted in coordination with Beverly Hills' finest developers and designers. Discover the limitless possibilities of luxury wine cellar design with Vintage Cellars.

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Stunning Home Wine Storage Built By Expert Orange County Wine Cellar Designers

Our Orange County wine cellar designers created a real masterpiece when they crafted this beautiful home wine cellar. It’s a wonderful combination of form and function, and a lovely addition to this stylish and well-designed home.

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Contemporary Glass Wall Custom Cellar Carlsbad San Diego, California

Small wine rooms encased in glass are unique in their behind-the-scenes design and installation. From the sleek and seamless style, the vintage view racking provides, to the floor-to-ceiling display, to the dual-paned insulated glass front, everything about this custom wine room screams "Here I am!". The design also allows for intimate wine decanting inside the cellar itself. This custom wine cellar was constructed in Carlsbad, San Diego, California.

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Residential Wine Cellar Design in Pacific Palisades Los Angeles

This small wine cellar displays the client's collection in a modern way using high-quality metal wine racks from VintageView to create an illusion of the bottles floating in the air. We used glass doors so the beautiful wine display can be viewed on three sides from outside the wine room.

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Kansas City Missouri Custom Wine Cellar Design, Wine Closet and Wine Room with Glass Front

This show-stopping, glass-enclosed custom wine cellar design, created by Vintage Cellars of San Diego, California, truly proves that any space within a home can be converted into a fantastic, usable wine storage space. Wine Rooms such as this often require an oversized wine storage cooling unit or cooling system due to the large glass wall.

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Nantucket Island (MA) Glass Front Custom Wine Cellar

The Nantucket Island Project is a custom wine cellar with a glass front. A Wine Guardian system is sitting above the wine room ducted into the cellar with a supply and return grill on the ceiling which will allow the customer to utilize the room without making space for an evaporator coil. The racking was done in All Heart Redwood.

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San Clemente Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar with Traditional Wood Racking, Tasting Table and Natural Light

This wine cellar is located in a shore-side gated community in San Clemente, California. In a collaboration with Amanda Bloom of Decorative Designs & Remodeling, Vintage Cellars was able to help create an absolutely beautiful wine room inside of this existing nook. This custom wine cellar is fully enclosed with glass, though not in the traditional sense similar to some of our other projects.

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Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles Glass front Custom Wine Cellar Luxury Wine Room

This gorgeous glass front wine cellar was built in a downstairs basement area within this Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles home overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Contemporary Modern architecture with a mix of rustic features lines this Los Angeles Home - with this stunning glass wine room riding those same lines. Stone layered walls with dual-paned glass windows and front make for a real stunning showpiece of a wine cellar from the outside looking in.

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Rancho Bernardo Wine Spectator Featured Glass Front Wine Cellar with Stone, Diamond Bins, Full Reveal Horizontal Display, and Decanting Countertop

In October 2007, the owners of this relatively small wine cellar tragically lost their entire home and wine collection in the wildfires that swept the San Diego area. When the time came in 2009 to rebuild their home, they also wanted to rebuild their treasured wine collection. At the recommendation of a friend, the owners came to Vintage Cellars to discuss constructing a small wine cellar in their new home.

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Orange County Glass Front Modern Traditional Wine Cellar with Metal and Wood Racking, Diamond Bins, Coved Trays, and High Reveal Display

Vintage Cellars completed the design and build of this glass front wine cellar addition In Irvine, California. In this unassuming luxury neighborhood, similar to other projects completed with The New Home Company, Vintage Cellars created a series of custom wine cellar design options available for incorporation into each new home. The custom wine cellar option proved to be a smashing success, with more than 45% of the new homeowners requesting the installation. It’s no wonder, such a dramatic and gorgeous glass-enclosed custom wine room deserves to be in every home!

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Los Angeles Modern Farmhouse - Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar with Wood and Metal Display Racking

Vintage Cellars collaborated with Sharon Taftian Interior Design and Boswell Construction in Los Angeles, California to create this modern farmhouse style wine cellar with glass windows and a triple deep wine wall. Through close meetings with the Interior Designer, Builder, and homeowner, Vintage Cellars was able to craft a one of a kind custom wine cellar that perfectly matched the rest of this uniquely designed country home in Brentwood, California.

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Glass Enclosed Stone and Wood Wine Cellar with High Reveal Display Rows, Case Storage Drawers, and Decanting Countertop

This 1000+ Bottle, glass-enclosed, custom wine cellar was built in Memphis, Tennessee using custom stain and finish and Maple wine racking. This beautiful, almost mid-century-looking wine room utilizes a 1 ton fully ducted wine guardian cooling system. Vintage Cellars made sure to oversize this cooling unit in this particular wine storage space due to the large glass doors the client wished to incorporate into the space. What a showpiece wine room this space is!

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Newport Beach Glass Enclosed Modern Wine Cellar with Traditional Wood & Metal Display Racking

This show-stopping, glass-enclosed, wine wall style custom wine cellar is one project that we’re extremely proud of! This walk-in wine room sits within an almost hidden luxury model home community in gorgeous Crystal Cove, Newport Beach in Orange County, California. Vintage Cellars was fortunate enough to design and install three separate custom wine cellar options within each of the model homes offered.

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Newport Beach Double Entrance Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar with Metal Horizontal Display and Midnight Black Stained Racking

This gorgeous custom wine cellar, complete with two entrances and a glass front is tucked away within Crystal Cove, Newport Beach in sunny Orange County, California. The New Home Company has created some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous luxury model homes in Southern California in the hills of Crystal Cove, here, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Coastal Valleys. With five different model home layouts and three different custom wine cellar design options, it really becomes difficult to choose with such phenomenal selections.

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Corona Del Mar Newport Beach Glass Enclosed Modern Contemporary Custom Wine Cellar

This gorgeous contemporary glass front custom wine cellar in Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, California is an eye-catcher. The sleek, glass ultra-modern wine room was a unique and exciting project for our team here at Vintage Cellars. The stone bar extends into the wine cellar itself, but due to mechanical, cooling, and condensation concerns, our expert custom wine cellar team knew that extra measures needed to be taken to ensure the end quality remained top-notch.

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La Jolla Glass Front Modern Wine Cellar with Metal Horizontal Display Racking

This 1000+ Bottle Glass enclosed Wine Room is a fantastic example of how easy it is to display your wines in a clean and modern design. This contemporary walk-in wine cellar in La Jolla, California offers a very straightforward and open feel to storing your most prized wines. The high reveal display row at waist height shows each wine bottle in full sight, maintaining a 45-degree angle to keep the cork moist and avoid any wines going bad over time.

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Rancho Santa Fe Wine Wall with Traditional Wood fit with Metal Racking

This unique custom wine wall and tasting room was designed and installed in the La Costa / San Elijo Hills area in San Diego. Offset a few miles from the beach, this gorgeous area has the advantage of a constant sea breeze, keeping the surrounding microclimate some ten plus degrees cooler than just over the hill a bit further inland. The client, a long-time wine collector and avid wine taster knew that the cellar needed simplicity, functionality, and an adjacent tasting space.

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San Diego High-rise Condo Modern Wine Cellar with Glass Front

This stunning glass-enclosed modern custom wine cellar was designed and installed by Vintage Cellars. The Contemporary Custom Wine Room was fitted into an existing fireplace space, turning the visually unappealing sore thumb of the room into a magnificent show-stopping centerpiece.

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