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Custom Wine Wall Cellars

Wine Walls have become visual centerpieces within homes – adding sleek artistic flair all while providing a fantastic choice to properly store your collection.

Cardiff Beach House Ultra Modern Wine Cellar with Metal Full Horizontal Display Racking

This gorgeous home in Cardiff By The Sea, in San Diego, California is the epitome of sleek, modern, and clean. In a stunning minimalist fashion, the homeowners had a great vision to incorporate a contemporary wine cellar adjacent to their bar that matched the home’s feel. Utilizing good amounts of glass, metal, and clean lines throughout, this home, and wine cellar of course, are fantastic in their design.

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Beverly Hills Ultra Modern Wine Cellar with Metal Pegs, Backlighting, and Stone

This small but mighty wine cellar makes its home in a gorgeous contemporary home in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California. Located directly off the kitchen and living room, this small wine storage space steals the show with its dramatic backlit panel and wine display against a stone wall.

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Rancho Santa Fe Wine Wall with Traditional Wood fit with Metal Racking

This unique custom wine wall and tasting room was designed and installed in the La Costa / San Elijo Hills area in San Diego. Offset a few miles from the beach, this gorgeous area has the advantage of a constant sea breeze, keeping the surrounding microclimate some ten plus degrees cooler than just over the hill a bit further inland. The client, a long time wine collector and avid wine taster, knew that the cellar needed simplicity, functionality, and an adjacent tasting space. “I envision a gorgeous contemporary showpiece wall of wines, coupled with a small and intimate area to enjoy the bottles with friends…” Other than that, he wanted to let the professionals at Vintage Cellars practice what they do best – design and build one of a kind wine storage spaces. Vintage Cellars was able to come up with a design which met all the owner’s goals while still bringing much more to the table.

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La Jolla Glass Front Modern Wine Cellar with Metal Horizontal Display Racking

This 1000+ Bottle Glass enclosed Wine Room is a fantastic example of how easy it is to display your wines in a clean and modern design. This contemporary walk in wine cellar in La Jolla, California offers a very straightforward and open feel to storing your most prized wines. The high reveal display row at waist height shows each wine bottle in full sight, maintaining a 45 degree angle as to keep the cork moist and avoid any wines going bad over time.

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