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  1. Is it Time for a Wine Cabinet?

    Is it Time for a Wine Cabinet?

    Let me start by asking you a simple question; how much do you spend on wine each year?  For most people, the passion for wine starts with a bottle here and a bottle there.  The next thing you know, you have a wine rack on the kitchen counter with 8 bottles.  It might be time to start considering protecting the...
  2. Our Top Five Wine Storage Product Obsessions

    Our Top Five Wine Storage Product Obsessions

    These Diamond Cube wine racks.  You can stack them to fit your space perfectly, and the shape is so unique and cool. 2.  This Vinotheque Wine Credenza.  It's a beautiful place to display your family photos, it's a buffet table, and it's top-of-the-line, climate-controlled wine cabinet. 3.  This 8-bottle Monterey WineKeeper system.  Ok, so you'd probably have to be a...
  3. For the Perfect Custom Wine Cabinet, Go Vinotheque

    For the Perfect Custom Wine Cabinet, Go Vinotheque

    There's no doubt about it: a high-quality wine cabinet large enough to fit a growing collection is quite an investment.  If you're going to shell out the money, you want to make sure that it will be well-spent.  There are a lot of options out there, raising the question: what should I look for in a wine cabinet? The Vinotheque...
  4. EuroCave Wine Cabinets

    EuroCave Wine Cabinets

    Wine collectors used to have to settle for a cellar.  They had to leave the temperature and humidity up to nature, and as a result, they'd often end up with mold-covered corks and bad bottles.  But the modern wine collector doesn't face these same challenges.  Available to him are sophisticated tools to help ensure that his wine collection ages to...
  5. Featured: EuroCave Wine Cabinets

    Featured: EuroCave Wine Cabinets

    If you've ever wanted a way to put wine storage in your dining room, living room or other social space without altering the look and feel of your space, EuroCave's fine-furniture looks will definitely be to your liking. Today, I want to feature one of the most elegant wine cabinets on the market: the EuroCave Elite 283 with glass doors...
  6. Classy Storage for Classy Wines: Go EuroCave!

    Classy Storage for Classy Wines: Go EuroCave!

    A Sleek and Modern EuroCave Wine Cabinet It's no secret that we love EuroCave wine cabinets!  Especially for someone living in a more contemporary home, these units fit seamlessly into virtually any space with a little bit of creativity.  Not only do they provide a perfect environment for wine, they also compliment your home environment. EuroCave cabinets are aesthetically pleasing...
  7. Spotlight: The Vintage Series Wine Room 2600

    Spotlight: The Vintage Series Wine Room 2600

    Looking for an alternative to an actual wine cellar in your basement?  Ever consider a freestanding, walk-in wine cellar?  That’s right!  Vintage Series wine rooms are easy-to-assemble, walk-in wine rooms that are all-in-one wine cooling and storage facilities.  Made from reinforced panels to prevent warping, and featuring a built-in Breezaire cooling unit to ensure precise wine storage temperature control...
  8. Wine Storage for Small Spaces

    Wine Storage for Small Spaces

    Do you have dreams of a wine cellar, but a shoebox-sized living space? Luckily for you, new wine storage options can help you make the most of small spaces. Small wine cabinets can hold a treasure trove of bottles, even if your abode is closer to a one-bedroom apartment than a castle. If you're seriously space-challenged, a small wine refrigerator...
  9. Picking the Perfect Wine Credenza

    Picking the Perfect Wine Credenza

    Many wine lovers face a dilemma. They'd love to start a collection (or have already begun one!), but they don't have an out-of-the-way space for a wine refrigerator, and they'd rather not put that piece of equipment in their perfectly-decorated dining rooms. What they need is a wine storage solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. But does such...

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