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  1. Jake's Corner: 2014 Robert Craig Howell Mountain Merlot

    Jake's Corner: 2014 Robert Craig Howell Mountain Merlot

    One of my favorite moments in wine was a visit to Robert Craig Winery on Howell Mountain on a cool January day (2017). The drive, the view, the company, the wine, creating memories. An even better day was an invitation to their release party on top of the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. On that evening, we were randomly paired with...
  2. San Diego Wineries

    San Diego Wineries

    With the great wine areas of Napa and Sonoma just a short trip away, it's easy to forget about wine tasting options that are closer to home.  But the San Diego area, along with great beaches, great restaurants, and lots to do and see, has many quality wineries.  A great springtime weekend activity to to gather a group of your...
  3. Wine Storage Tourism?

    Wine Storage Tourism?

    This morning, I was doing something that you may very well have been doing just seconds ago: Browsing the web for wine-related news. I came across an article (a well-illustrated one, too!) about the underground wine cellars of Moldova. Now odds are good that you can't find Moldova on a map (I can't), and you may never have even heard...
  4. Jake Tours Paso Robles

    Jake Tours Paso Robles

    Vintage Cellars’ very own custom cellar designer Jake Austad is currently touring the wine country in Paso Robles, California.  Some of the wineries is visiting include “local favorites” like Justin, Denner Vinyards, Turley, and Tablas Creek.  Jake checked in on Monday with an exciting discovery claiming, “I think we may have found the greatest $10 wine ever made!”  Apparently...
  5. Jake Checks In from Dubost Winery!

    Jake Checks In from Dubost Winery!

    Vintage Cellars’ own Jake Austad checks in with us again from his California wine tour, telling us all about his latest find.  “I stumbled upon Dubost on the west side of Paso Robles,” says Jake.  “Sure, the sign said tasting room open, but after a half mile trek down a one lane dirt road, I was unsure.  Once in the gravel...
  6. Wine Bottle Art

    Wine Bottle Art

    Ever been captivated by the beautiful mosaic of colors in stained glass windows?  Are wine bottles not, also, often made of colored glass?  Mesmerized by the similar, beautiful glow, retired geologist Richard Pim decided to create a dazzling stained glass window-like structure using wine bottles.  According to Richard, “One day I sat in the garden drinking a glass of...
  7. Winery Quest Pro: an Awesome Wine Travel App

    Winery Quest Pro: an Awesome Wine Travel App

    It’s travel time!  Remember Jake Austad’s trek through California’s wine country?  Here’s a handy, travel app specifically made so that you can enjoy such an adventure: Winery Quest Pro.  Designed for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, this informative winery reference tool gives you everything you need to plan your California wine trip.  With 20 regional maps, filters for your...
  8. Natalie MacLean’s New book: UNQUENCHABLE

    Natalie MacLean’s New book: UNQUENCHABLE

    A fascinating, fun and exciting romp through the world of wine, Natalie MacLean’s latest award-winning book UNQUENCHABLE: A Tipsy Quest for the World’s Best Bargain Wines, has hit the shelves!  Named the World’s Best Drink Writer by the World Food Media Awards, and winner of four James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards, Natalie’s prose is passionate, witty, honest, and informative.  In...
  9. Haunted Happenings at Charles Krug Winery

    Haunted Happenings at Charles Krug Winery

    If you're inclined to believe in ghosts, St. Helena’s Charles Krug/Peter Mondavi Family Winery has been a “hot spot” for paranormal activity for years.  In fact, the winery’s founder, Charles Krug, claimed to have seen ghosts himself!  (To put this in perspective, the winery was founded in 1861.)  Current “sightings” have occurred most frequently in the winery’s Redwood Cellars...
  10. Biodynamic Wine Production: Fad or Fabulous?

    Biodynamic Wine Production: Fad or Fabulous?

    If you haven't heard of biodynamic wine farming, you probably will in the near future. This agricultural philosophy, founded in 1924, is sweeping the wine growing community, from France to Australia, from the United States to Chile. In fact, some of the world's most coveted wines are being produced using this method. What is biodynamic agriculture? Biodynamic agriculture takes organic...

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