Through the Wall Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Through the wall wine cellar cooling units are simple to install with no need to run ductwork. They are one of the most efficient way to cool your wine cellar. It is made with a refrigeration system that can be installed inside of a wall, ceiling, or floor space.  This is because they are self-contained and can often mount between the studs of the wall. As a result, they can be installed without the need for a licensed HVAC technician. With the condenser inside the cellar, they will take up more room and be noisier than ducted or split system cooling units.

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The combination of a refrigeration system and humidifier allows you to keep your temperature at the temperature you prefer while maintaining moisture levels in the air. Using an exhaust duct option will also prevent odors from escaping into your dining room or kitchen. We also have wine cooling units with digital thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature at which you want your wine cellar to be kept, as well as a temperature readout so that you will know just how warm or cool it is at all times.


The simplicity and cost make this a great decision for many wine cellar applications where ease and speed of installation are more highly valued. Don’t confuse accessibility for lower quality. Our through-the-wall wine cellar cooling units are very effective at keeping the temperature of your very best wines at the ideal temperature for storage in smaller wine cellars. These units are designed to keep your wine at the perfect temperature and humidity, no matter how hot it gets outside.


Some of our units can accommodate a 2000 cubic foot capacity, which is also perfect for more spacious wine cellars, keeping your wine investment safe and sound. They come with an integrated humidifier, making them ideal for hot, dry climates. Whether you're a professional wine expert or a passionate hobbyist, Vintage Cellars through the wall wine cellar cooling units are the perfect choice for any serious wine lover.

Through the Wall Cooling Unit Brands

Wine Guardian
  • Through The Wall Wine Cellar Systems
  • Self-contained
  • Integrated Humidifier
  • Exhaust Duct Option
  • Extended Warranty
Starting at $2,850.00
  • Cabinet / Wine Room Systems
  • Hot Exhaust Air Up Option
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Cord Out The Back and Front Option
Starting at $1,685.00
  • Free Shipping
  • Cabinet and Room Systems
  • Designed to handle extreme environments (+115°F)
  • Front and Rear Duct Options
  • Remote Thermostat Capable and Filter Replacement
Starting at $1,850.00
  • Free Shipping
  • Pro & Extreme Series
  • Front & Rear Duct Options, Remote Thermostat Capable
  • Handles High and Low Exterior Temperatures
  • XLT Replacement Model
Starting at $2,128.00
  • Through the Wall
  • Economical Breezaire Replacement
  • Made by WhisperKOOL
  • 30 degree teamperature differential
  • Capacities up to 2000 cubic feet
Starting at $1,921.00

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