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  1. Sustainable Wine Storage

    Sustainable Wine Storage

    As we've previously discussed here on the blog, green is in! More than ever, people are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to the products they use in their daily lives. Using sustainable wood products is an important part of this effort. The forests of our planet are our oxygen factories, and we can't live without them. Dwindling forests make for...
  2. Manage Your Wine Cellar From Your iPad!

    Manage Your Wine Cellar From Your iPad!

    The eSommelier touchscreen computer and barcode scanner & printer We've talked before about eSommelier wine management systems, a fabulous barcode-based computerized organization system for wine cellars, but they have recently announced some upgrades that really kick up the value of this product. One of those new features is the iPad access. eSommelier has optimized their web access for the...
  3. Vintage Cellars Featured in Wine Spectator!

    Vintage Cellars Featured in Wine Spectator!

    Vintage Cellars was delighted to be featured in Wine Spectator's November 30th issue (on sale now). The article featured Vintage Cellars wine cellar projects in Escondido and San Diego, one of which is pictured above in high resolution. More from the article (click for larger images): The Gilliland's 750-bottle wine cellar in San Diego, completed in '09, features large-format storage...
  4. Featured in Wine Spectator: The Gilliland Wine Cellar

    Featured in Wine Spectator: The Gilliland Wine Cellar

    Three Vintage Cellars custom wine cellar projects were recently featured in Wine Spectator magazine. You can click that link to see the original article; in this post we are focusing on the details of one of the cellars. Click the photos for larger versions. The Gilliland wine cellar in San Diego, built in 2009, was designed to be the focal...
  5. Investing in Wine Can Offer Great Returns

    Investing in Wine Can Offer Great Returns

    ...and as this infographic points our, you can always drink your failed investments, a pleasure that certainly doesn't apply to failed real estate or stocks. The best investment wines are almost always the higher-priced wines from longstanding winemakers. Those bottles are more likely to remain in high demand than are lower-priced wines. Wine is a market of tradition--pedigree and provenance...
  6. It's No 'Dilemma'--Vintage View Wine Racks Are Fantastic!

    It's No 'Dilemma'--Vintage View Wine Racks Are Fantastic!

    Have you seen The Dilemma, starring Vince Vaughn? Did you notice the wine racks? Check it out: The wine racks in The Dilemma are Vintage View sideways hanging wine racks, some of our absolute favorite wine racks. Their strength, ease of installation and attractive appearance have made them a superior choice for wine collectors everywhere--and clearly they caught the eye...
  7. New Arrival: CellarCool CX Cooling Units

    New Arrival: CellarCool CX Cooling Units

    We're pleased to announce a new product line! The CellarCool wine cellar cooling units are now available. CellarCool's cooling systems are designed to offer excellent cooling power and dependability, at a price that's affordable for beginning collectors. They are available in sizes for cellars from 265 to 2000 cubic feet and start at under $1000. The CellarCool systems are designed...
  8. Wine Storage Tourism?

    Wine Storage Tourism?

    This morning, I was doing something that you may very well have been doing just seconds ago: Browsing the web for wine-related news. I came across an article (a well-illustrated one, too!) about the underground wine cellars of Moldova. Now odds are good that you can't find Moldova on a map (I can't), and you may never have even heard...
  9. Featured: EuroCave Wine Cabinets

    Featured: EuroCave Wine Cabinets

    If you've ever wanted a way to put wine storage in your dining room, living room or other social space without altering the look and feel of your space, EuroCave's fine-furniture looks will definitely be to your liking. Today, I want to feature one of the most elegant wine cabinets on the market: the EuroCave Elite 283 with glass doors...
  10. Upcoming California Wine Events

    Upcoming California Wine Events

    Good morning, wine lovers! At Vintage Cellars, we know you love wine, and we're pretty sure you love California, too (we sure do!). There are dozens of fantastic wine events in California--in fact, you could probably go to a different California wine event every day for the rest of the summer if you really wanted to. Unfortunately, if you're anything...
  11. Announcing the WhisperKOOL SC Series

    Announcing the WhisperKOOL SC Series

    Vintage Cellars is pleased to announce the new WhisperKOOL SC series. The WhisperKOOL SC cooling units replace the WhisperKOOL XLT series, a long-time popular product for wine connoisseurs looking to provide their wine with the most consistent environment possible. The new WhisperKOOL SC series maintains all the features of the WhisperKOOL XLT products, with additional tweaks and adjustments based on...

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