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  1. Manage Your Wine Cellar From Your iPad!

    Manage Your Wine Cellar From Your iPad!

    The eSommelier touchscreen computer and barcode scanner & printer We've talked before about eSommelier wine management systems, a fabulous barcode-based computerized organization system for wine cellars, but they have recently announced some upgrades that really kick up the value of this product. One of those new features is the iPad access. eSommelier has optimized their web access for the...
  2. High-Tech Wine Cellar Management

    High-Tech Wine Cellar Management

    You're hosting a dinner party. You've wined and dined your guests--important clients of yours--through the appetizer course, and things are going without a hitch. You head down to your wine cellar to grab the bottle of very special Cabernet you've been saving for an occasion just like this one. But the bottle isn't there. You scan your shelves, growing increasingly...

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