eSommelier wine cellar management system

The eSommelier touchscreen computer and barcode scanner & printer

We've talked before about eSommelier wine management systems, a fabulous barcode-based computerized organization system for wine cellars, but they have recently announced some upgrades that really kick up the value of this product. One of those new features is the iPad access.

eSommelier has optimized their web access for the iPad, so you can access your wine library on the go. If you save the "web app" as a favorite on your home screen, you have one-touch access to your wine library any time.

Now, I don't see any particular reason why this experience should be limited to the iPad--it's a web app, which means that it's actually not an app at all. Apps, in the usual sense, are downloaded software and can be dependent on the particular hardware or software features of an iPad. "Web apps" are more like a saved bookmark in your web browser (like the bookmark you have for the VC blog. You DO have us bookmarked, right?) and are mostly dependent on the web browser (in the case of the iPad, it runs in Safari). So this should work the same-but-smaller on an iPhone, although I haven't been able to test it myself. Remember, web access also works on any computer!

If you're wondering when you'd ever use this go-anywhere access, consider the wine lover with over 1000 bottles in his or her cellar. When this wine lover goes shopping for more wine (because he was smart enough to build his cellar bigger than his collection!), he can now take his virtual wine catalog along with him on his iPad. If shopping from the web, he can call up the wine library in another browser window and compare his collection to his potential purchases, saving him a trip to the wine cellar. Less hassle, fewer cellar door openings to let out your perfectly chilled air, and none of the discomfort that would come from doing your wine shopping from a laptop while sitting in your 55 degree cellar. Chilly!

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