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  1. San Diego Wine Shops

    San Diego Wine Shops

    Grocery stores are definitely the easiest places to get wine.  After all, you're already shopping--why not take a quick trip down the wine aisle?  But once you're there, it can be bewildering.  With no descriptions and no expert advice, you can end up never straying outside of your comfort zone of those bottles you know you like.  Even worse, you...
  2. New San Diego Wine Law Swirls up Controversy

    New San Diego Wine Law Swirls up Controversy

    Video courtesy CBS 8 News In a move that has stirred up some controversy, a new law has passed that will allow boutique wineries producing 12,000 gallons or less to operate tasting rooms. They'll also be able to sell directly to buyers and hold events such as weddings. Winemakers and wine lovers in San Diego see this as a good...
  3. Upcoming California Wine Events

    Upcoming California Wine Events

    Good morning, wine lovers! At Vintage Cellars, we know you love wine, and we're pretty sure you love California, too (we sure do!). There are dozens of fantastic wine events in California--in fact, you could probably go to a different California wine event every day for the rest of the summer if you really wanted to. Unfortunately, if you're anything...

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