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  1. “A Case for Wine” Exhibit at the Chicago Art Institute

    “A Case for Wine” Exhibit at the Chicago Art Institute

    I’ve often found that wine lovers and art lovers are the same people. After all, the two are a significant portion of what makes up the “finer things” in life. This view was confirmed for me this weekend when I was in Chicago and took a trip to the newly-expanded Art Institute, where a special exhibit, A Case for Wine...
  2. Wine Bottle Art

    Wine Bottle Art

    Ever been captivated by the beautiful mosaic of colors in stained glass windows?  Are wine bottles not, also, often made of colored glass?  Mesmerized by the similar, beautiful glow, retired geologist Richard Pim decided to create a dazzling stained glass window-like structure using wine bottles.  According to Richard, “One day I sat in the garden drinking a glass of...
  3. Movies for Wine Lovers

    Movies for Wine Lovers

    In the last decade, wine has become a hot topic for filmmakers. And no wonder: there’s something magical about wine: the beautiful vineyards, the thrill of finding a great bottle, the fascinating — and often obsessive — winemakers. If you’re looking for a great movie that features your favorite beverage, check out our top picks: Sideways The seminal wine movie...

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