With the great wine areas of Napa and Sonoma just a short trip away, it's easy to forget about wine tasting options that are closer to home.  But the San Diego area, along with great beaches, great restaurants, and lots to do and see, has many quality wineries.  A great springtime weekend activity to to gather a group of your friends and tour a few wineries (you might want to rent a car service first).

Here is Sign On San Diego's list of wineries in the San Diego area.  It focuses on wineries in San Diego proper, but if you're also interested in wineries in Temecula, please also check this link as well.

When you're wine tasting, don't forget our five steps to a proper tasting: look, smell, taste, note, and enjoy.  If you need a crash course on the right way to taste wine, click here or read more here on some local San Diego wine shops. Cheers!