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Wine Cellar Humidification

  1. Wine Cellar Cooling Units Ultimate Guide

    Wine Cellar Cooling Units Ultimate Guide

    Welcome to the Vintage Cellars Wine Cellar Cooling Units Ultimate Guide. This is a complete guide to everything you ever wanted to know about Wine Cellar Cooling Units. This is a living document and we will update this on a regular basis to improve information and update with new information. For your convenience we have provided a table of contents...
  2. Humidity in Wine Cellars

    Humidity in Wine Cellars

    We know that wine has to be kept at a low temperature in order to age well.  It’s logical—we keep our perishable items cool so that they don’t spoil as quickly, and wine is, of course, a perishable item.  But what’s with the humidity thing?  Does wine really need to be kept at a certain level of humidity in order...

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