EuroCave Wine CabinetsWine collectors used to have to settle for a cellar.  They had to leave the temperature and humidity up to nature, and as a result, they'd often end up with mold-covered corks and bad bottles.  But the modern wine collector doesn't face these same challenges.  Available to him are sophisticated tools to help ensure that his wine collection ages to perfection.

One of the very best modern tools is the EuroCave wine cabinet.  EuroCave's wine cabinets are so well-made that they can be found in over 70% of the UK's Michelin-starred restaurants.  EuroCave has been one of the most well-respected wine cabinet makers for over 30 years.

Wine's worst enemy is change.  Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can easily cause a bottle of wine to go bad, so a wine cabinet that provides consistency is a priceless tool to the modern wine collector.  EuroCave cabinets are constructed to withstand both low and high temperatures, so you could even keep your cabinet in a place like the garage--usually off-limits to collectors.

EuroCave cabinets also have a digital temperature readout that allow you to keep tabs on your wine's environment with just a glance, and an alarm that lets you know if a door has been left open or the humidity has dropped too low.

EuroCave also offers customizable shelving, allowing you to fit in magnums, 3-liter bottles, Bordeaux bottles, and splits.  You can also opt for some bin storage that allows you to maximize the amount of bottles you can store.  EuroCave cabinets come in a variety of styles and finishes so that you can tailor this functional piece of furniture to you aesthetic specifications.

If you're a serious wine collector, you need a serious wine cabinet.  EuroCave is one of the best out there....and Vintage Cellars has FREE SHIPPING on most EuroCave cabinets so it's a great time to buy.