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Custom wine racking has finally gone "green".  Recently, I started working with the Vintique Collection of custom wine racks.  Vintique wine racks are made from recycled wine barrels and fermentation tanks.  The wine barrels and tanks are dismantled and re-engineered into individual wine bottle storage, diamond bins, case storage, glass racks, archways and anything you can imagine.  Barrel heads, outer and inner sides can be used in these unique one of a kind wine racks.  The natural beauty of the Vintique wine racks and other products is what engages me.  The inner sides can range from a light purple to a deep velvety red.  The outer sides have have distinct markings from the hoops of the barrel.  No two wine rooms will ever be the same.  Forget about stains and wood types when you look at the Vintique Collection and just let the natural beauty of these recycled barrels and tanks make its mark.  I'm currently designing several wine cellars in the Southern California area using the Vintique Collection, however, this is not limited locally.  Designs can be done around the country using any wine cellar space.

Browse our collection of Fontenay Vintique custom wine racks here.