While having your own wine cellar is ideal for storing and managing large wine collections, there may be times when it’s preferable to have select bottles close at hand.  Say, for instance, you use a lot of wine in the kitchen and want some of your wine stored in an easy-to-access location.  Or, perhaps you want to have some nice bottles on display for when guests arrive.  Perhaps you’d simply like a small selection of wine at your disposal when coming home from a long day at work.  For situations like these, perusing a vast wine cellar can often lead to indecision that can even delay the serving of a meal.  This is where smaller wine racks suitable for use in the kitchen, or in entertaining areas, come in handy.

Whenever you store wine, it is important that it be kept on its side; the cork, kept moist by contact with the wine, keeps the wine fresh.  Small, portable wine racks are designed to do just this, like their larger cellar cousins.  There’s no excuse for keeping a selection of wine by your coffee table, bottles standing upright!  Portable wine racks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.  Many popular racks, made from wood or metal, range from small, space-saving modern displays that can fit on kitchen counters or end tables, to racks suitable for use in between (or even inside) kitchen cupboards.  Most wooden racks can even be purchased or stained to match your cabinets, or a given room’s furniture, and many metal racks come in sleek black or chrome to match today’s modern kitchens.

If you’d a prefer a small-yet-ornate cabinet solution for your entertaining area, an elegant Howard Miller Console is worth consideration.  Many consoles double as tables/pouring stations, too, creating a defined “wine” space in any room.  The very portable, compact Howard Miller Butler, for example, has a top that is removable, doubling as a serving tray.  Up to thirteen wine bottles can be stored neatly inside, and the interior also has room for additional spirits, plus wine glass storage.  The unit is also on wheels, making relocation a snap!  If this is too fancy, perhaps a charming and affordable Rustic Pine scallop wine rack, a wine collector’s classic, will be more to your liking? This unfinished rack can be used as-is, providing a “rustic” look, or it can be stained to match your furnishings.  The rack is durable and holds 18 bottles very neatly.  If your “display” wine collection should grow, there’s even the ability to expand; these wine racks are designed to be stacked, so adding a second or third rack is simple.  Many people give these small racks as gifts (along with a few bottles of wine!)

For a taller racking option, the VintageView Freestanding Displays assemble in minutes and offer visibility and modern presentation.  Unlike other racks, your guests can easily see the labels on each bottle of wine, making this rack ideal for wine tasting parties (and for showing off your best vintages!)  Because it’s freestanding, it’s also a good rack to have in the kitchen to minimize unused space, like between your fridge and a countertop.  VintageView also manufactures wall mounted metal wine racks.  Made from cold rolled steel and available in black or nickel finishes, these racks hold between 9 and 18 bottles per section, depending on design.  Because they are mounted, affixing them to the sides of cupboards, walls, closet interiors, or near entryways are all options.  These racks keep your bottles safely within reach, while being conversation pieces, too.

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