If you're thinking about installing a custom wine cellar in your home, you know that you want the space to be functional, but also beautiful. After all, your collection will represent wines from around the world, careful hand-picked by you, and aged to their utmost in the perfect conditions. Shouldn't you show them off a little?

Much of what goes into your wine cellar is based on function. Your cooling system, insulating design, and even your wine racks are all chosen to create the ideal environment in which your bottles will age. So even though you want to show off your collection, it might seem hard to find a design opportunity. Decorative cellar doors are a great way to put your personal stamp on your wine cellar. After all, they're the first thing anyone visiting your cellar will see. And though your cellar will mostly be closed, your cellar doors will always be visible. Gorgeous doors are a great way to reflect the beauty within your bottles. You can choose from a variety of cellar door styles to truly make your door stand out:

Classic Doors

If you're looking for wine cellar doors that blend seamlessly into the deign aesthetic of your home, classic doors might be the right choice for you. Most classic doors are constructed of a combination of wood and glass, allowing you to peek inside at your collection. The glass can be etched with custom designs to really set your cellar doors apart: think your initials or even a fanciful family crest. And don't be concerned that the glass-and-wood design isn't ideal for maintaining the temperature and humidity inside your cellar. Though they are beautiful, these doors were designed with function first: each door is two inches thick, and the glass is constructed of two glass panels, 3/16ths of an inch wide, with an insulating airspace in between. Classic doors are a great choice for a collector looking to put a beautiful, personal touch on his collection.

Ornate Doors

For someone looking to make his cellar doors the showpiece of his cellar design, ornate doors are a great choice. Ornate doors are constructed of sturdy glass panels, just like classic glass wine cellar doors. Then, that glass is decorated with wrought-iron scrollwork. Doors can be made in an arch, soft arch, or square designs. And a variety of customizations in the iron work are available as well, meaning that you can work with a designer to create one-of-a-kind doors that put an unforgettable stamp on your collection. Distinctive ornate cellar doors are a beautiful way to showcase your wine collection.

Wine Barrel Doors

Looking for something so fabulous and unique that it will always be a conversation-starter when you have house guests? Wine barrel doors might be the right choice for you. For wine barrel doors, a mission-style frame is created, and then the spaces are filled with sections of reclaimed wine barrel. Besides reflecting the wine collection that resides behind the doors, this reclaimed wine barrel wood has beautiful, unique characteristics from its years of use. A variety of wine barrel door styles allow you to show off these characteristics in whatever way you choose: cooperage wood is cut to show off authentic stamps and markings from old oak barrels; wine-infused wood is taken from the inside of barrels to show of the deep, rich color it has gained from years of holding wine; and stave wood is careful refinished to keep the natural qualities of each barrel stave intact. For something unique that reflects the natural beauty of wine, wine barrel doors are a great choice.

Wine cellar doors are more than just a way to keep your collection at the correct conditions for aging. The right wine cellar doors will not only keep your collection safe and secure, they'll say something beautiful about you and the collection you've so carefully curated. Interested in a custom wine cellar door? Call us today to speak to a wine storage expert about your cellar needs.