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Custom Wine Cellars in San Diego, California


Modern Metal Wine Racking Designed for a Home Wine Cellar

This kitchen wine storage solution is a great example of how we design and build modern custom wine cellars in San Diego and all of southern California. With custom metal wine racking designed by a master builder, LED lighting, and glass doors, this kitchen wine closet is a showpiece! Learn more about the construction and design features of this minimalist yet eye-catching wine display.

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Pamplemousse Grille Del Mar San Diego Custom Wine Cellar Restaurant Wine Cellar

This custom wine cellar inside of renowned Pamplemousse Grille Restaurant in Del Mar, San Diego, California is truly an eye-catcher. Originally built for Pamplemousse's 5th anniversary, this wine cellar proves classic and timeless with distressed maple doors and traditional redwood racking behind them.

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San Diego High-rise Condo Modern Wine Cellar with Glass Front

This stunning glass-enclosed modern custom wine cellar was designed and installed by Vintage Cellars. The Contemporary Custom Wine Room was fitted into an existing fireplace space, turning the visually unappealing sore thumb of the room into a magnificent show-stopping centerpiece.

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San Diego Glass Enclosed Rustic Wine Cellar Rancho Bernardo Inn AVANT Restaurant

Wine Cellars such as this are truly elegant, unique, and inspiring! This wine cellar, built by Vintage Cellars and their wine cellar builders, has many interesting features including high reveal display rows, large-format bottle storage, a decanting countertop under a custom archway, a small wine locker, and of course views in and out of the cellar in virtually every direction.

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Poway / Rancho Bernardo, San Diego Traditional Custom Wine Cellar and Walk In Wine Room

Walk into the kitchen in this Poway / Rancho Bernardo, San Diego home and it's impossible to miss this gorgeous 2,000 bottle, custom wine cellar showpiece. Completed in 2018, the cellar is complete with custom walnut-stained poplar wine racking, rolling ladder for out of reach bottles, and much, much more.

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Marina Kitchen Restaurant & Bar in the San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina

This gorgeous commercial hospitality custom wine cellar is tucked away in the newly remodeled Marina Bar and Kitchen in The San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina in downtown San Diego, California. This unique wine cellar is a showpiece backing for an outside bar, also doubling as a private dining room space with a top-of-the-line Berkel cured meat slicer for parties and a pulldown panel for PowerPoint presentations. Parties of up to 12 can comfortably sit at a community-style table in the center of this wine room and enjoy appetizers and freshly decanted wines to match the world-inspired cuisine.

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San Juan Capistrano Glass Contemporary and Modern Custom Wine Cellar Wine Wall Wine Room

This beautiful custom wine cellar/wine wall/wine room in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California is truly a jaw-dropper. Vintage Cellars, wine cellar builders out of san Diego, California, were able to design and build this masterpiece as a major center point of this dining room and kitchen.

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Del Mar San Diego Custom Wine Cellar Backlit Modern Glass Wine Room

Vintage Cellars / Vintage Wine Cellars just completed this beautiful custom wine cellar duo in a home in Del Mar, San Diego, California. These wine cellars are both very unique, with the upstairs wine room serving as more of an eye-catching showpiece and the downstairs more for long-term storage and social gatherings. Complete with custom stainless steel doors and windows, the interiors of both wine rooms can be viewed from anywhere in their vicinity.

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Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego Traditional Rustic Wine Cellar with Wrought Iron Door

This traditional rustic custom wine cellar in Rancho Santa Fe, California is comprised of redwood custom wine racks and many unique design features including a curved redwood countertop with a curved bin display, three tiers of full reveal wine bottle display, as well as a gorgeous custom wrought iron, dual pane glass custom wine cellar door.

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San Juan Capistrano Orange County Wine Cellar Wrought Iron Redwood Wine Barrel

This fantastically designed wine cellar, built by the master wine cellar builders at Vintage Cellars, is a unique representation of fun and bespoke features that can be incorporated into a traditional redwood, yet modern and bright wine cellar.

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