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San Juan Capistrano Glass Contemporary and Modern Custom Wine Cellar Wine Wall Wine Room

This beautiful custom wine cellar/wine wall/wine room in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County, California is truly a jaw-dropper. Vintage Cellars, wine cellar builders out of san Diego, California, were able to design and build this masterpiece as a major center point of this dining room and kitchen. We have years of experience creating modern, custom wine cellars in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County California with Unique Contemporary Custom Display

A custom wine cellar designed and built by vintage wine cellars out of San Diego, California - this custom wine wall has tons of unique and noteworthy features throughout. The bottom of the cellar begins with multiple areas for wine case storage and other bulk storage options. The great thing about this space is that it was designed for multi-use capability, leaving ample room to store multiple layers deep of single bottle storage as well.

Cellar Features

Directly above the case storage lie multiple layers of easy pull out shelving on smooth rolling tracks, seamlessly allowing for drawer sliding with no risk of bottle movement or abrupt stops. These are fantastic features to have, especially in the case of having flights of wines from your favorite wineries. A collection of 2010 through 2016 Larkmeade Cabernet Sauvignon bottles from Napa have never looked so good.

  • 700 Bottle Capacity with room for Large Format storage above
  • "Elevate Series" Racking Style available only through Vintage Cellars
  • Horizontal High Reveal Display Racking
  • A Glass Front and LED backlit wine racking really make this wine cellar POP
Modern Custom Wine Cellar
Modern Custom Wine Cellar

On either side of this wine wall feature/kitchen wine cellar are long rows of high reveal display of wine bottles, carefully designed and engineered to lay down properly so that the cork will stay wet and wines are aged perfectly and gracefully over time. These display rows act as fantastic "show off" sections - perfectly highlighting each bottle's respective label and giving you the ability to really display your gems.

Modern Custom Wine Cellar

Modern Custom Wine Cellar
Modern Custom Wine Cellar

In the center, a small countertop and opening are used for a practical space to open and decant wines. Glass shelving features and acrylic wine racking dividers make for a fun, transparent, and sleek looking centerpiece.

More sections sit above these displays, turning the bottles inward and facing them cork out. In this certain circumstance and with this specific client's collection, these sections really popped with color and intrigue with many cases of the same wines being placed into the racking. Intense hues of Red and Yellow POP, keeping this wine cellar interesting and a pleasure to look at no matter what section you're exploring.

Horizontal stainless steel metal rods are Integrated into the custom cabinetry horizontally and angled across each multiple sections, again offering another unique and different design feature, now with wine bottle labels facing outward and completely visible. This look in custom wine wall/custom wine cellar/custom wine room/custom wine display/custom wine storage solutions is a great way to integrate modern nuances into your cellar. Accents of metal into an otherwise "traditional" wooden wine cellar can actually add a unique change of pace and give an entirely new breath of life to an existing wine storage space.

Vintage Cellars enjoys working directly with NOE Design Co. and MAIDEN Steel companies when integrating a major glass door feature. The quality of work is second to none, unparalleled, and we are able to ensure that our clients are left with an absolutely stunning, but more importantly, 100% perfectly sealed and specified door and stainless steel framing system.

With so many different kinds of wine racks/wine racking/wine cellar designs and styles, you can really go in any and every direction in the discovery and design phase of a custom wine cellar project. The custom wine cellar builder's team at Vintage Cellars makes the entire process exciting, informative, and smooth from start to finish.

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