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San Diego Glass Enclosed Rustic Wine Cellar Rancho Bernardo Inn AVANT Restaurant

This glass-enclosed, rustic yet modern wine cellar was built inside of Avant Restaurant, at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in sunny San Diego, California. This gorgeous custom wine cellar is a showpiece for this Eclectic California Restaurant and can be seen from the main dining room as well as from the private dining demo kitchen.

Glass-enclosed, rustic yet modern wine cellar, Avant Restaurant, at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, California

The cellar adds another dimension to this space - truly! Imagine yourself with twelve of your closest friends and family, enjoying an intricate and delicious six-course dinner paired with world-class wines stored just feet away! The glass front within the restaurant is so inviting that recently, Avant Restaurant had to etch in their logo due to multiple people walking straight into the glass!

Cellar Features

In San Diego, glass-enclosed custom wine cellars have become all the rage. This sleek design is always a show stopper, but also requires the careful planning and preparation that only a custom wine cellar contractor can provide.

  • Sleek glass-enclosed design
  • Rustic yet modern custom wine cellar
  • Properly fitted with a vapor barrier and insulated
  • Oversized wine cellar cooling unit
Avant Restaurant logo etch into the glass
Second view of glass-enclosed, rustic yet modern wine cellar, Avant Restaurant, at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, California

Overall, Vintage Cellars was extremely happy with how this small wine room turned out, and AVANT Restaurant loves it even more! Pictured is Vintage Cellars' own Max Walder. He acted as Sous Chef here for more than two years, and now we are more than thrilled to have him with us at Vintage Cellars. Cheers to incredible food and wine! (stored properly of course!)

Large format bottle serving

Vintage Cellars' Max Walder, former Sous Chef Avant Restaurant
Remodeled with dark hardwood throughout the wine cellar

The small wine cellar was not the only new construction this restaurant had in mind at the time of the build. This entire space used to have an incredibly different look, feel, and even name too. Previously called El Bizcocho, this restaurant has been a mainstay in the Fine Dining scene in San Diego since the late 1960s... Literally, almost every incredibly talented chef to come out of San Diego has gone through El Bizcocho at some point. (Maybe most notably, Gavin Kaysen, who ran Daniel Boulud's restaurant, Café Boulud in New York City). The complete remodel overtook the very old-school style dining room- eliminating the white table cloths, thick window curtains, and the stuffy fine-dining feel. Upon the remodel, dark hardwood was added throughout and the overall feel received a very rustic, but refined feel.

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