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  1. The Right Wine Glass

    The Right Wine Glass

    There are a lot of wine accessories and contraptions out there.  It can be tough to tell which ones are just a waste of money, and which can really enhance your wine-drinking experience.  One thing that's not a gimmick?  The idea that different wines should have different glasses. Now, there is certainly nothing wrong with having just the standard four...
  2. Tongue Maps Are A Myth: How Taste Really Works

    Tongue Maps Are A Myth: How Taste Really Works

    Last week, we talked about Claus Riedel's obsession with designing the perfect wine glass.  One of his objectives was to direct the wine to the "correct" part of the mouth so that the right taste buds would make first contact.  Well, that seems logical--we all remember those "tongue maps" like the one below from elementary school science class, right?  But...
  3. Wine Gift: Riedel Wine Glasses

    Wine Gift: Riedel Wine Glasses

    Riedel has been making the world's premiere wine glasses for more than 250 years.  For the serious wine collector, they're almost a necessity.  For the more casual wine enthusiast, they're a beautiful, classic way to enjoy great wines.  Riedel glasses make great holiday gifts for anyone who has a special place in his heart for wine. Riedel makes a wide...
  4. Look at Those (Wine) Legs!

    Look at Those (Wine) Legs!

    With appropriately-matched, quality wine glasses like Riedel Sommelier Wine Glasses or Riedel Vinum Extreme Wine Glasses, it is not only easier to notice the characteristic fragrances and tastes of your selected wine, it is also easier to see the beauty of your delicate beverage.  With a clear wine glass, the clarity, color and depth of your wine are highlighted like...
  5. Riesling: The Chameleon Grape

    Riesling: The Chameleon Grape

    Rieslings are fantastic wines that wear many hats.  Often referred to as being a “chameleon grape”, Riesling grapes really do play many roles.  In fact, the wines they produce range from those that are completely dry to wines that are insatiably sweet!  While “Zinfandel” makes us think of California, “Riesling” instantly brings Germany to mind, though good Rieslings can be...
  6. Father's Day Gift Ideas for Golfers & Wine Lovers (and what dad isn't one of those?)

    Father's Day Gift Ideas for Golfers & Wine Lovers (and what dad isn't one of those?)

    Dads deserve appreciation all the time, but it’s especially important to make Father’s Day the one day that your dad will remember forever—or, at least, until next June. And today, you’re in luck: if your dad is into sports or wine, you can sit back and let Vintage Cellars take the work out of shopping for the perfect Father’s Day...
  7. Decant, and Taste the Difference!

    Decant, and Taste the Difference!

    In a previous post, Dine With Open Wine, we discussed some of the benefits of decanting wine.  While it’s one thing to read about what decanting does to a wine, experiencing it is another matter.  And what better way to experience the dramatic impact decanting has than to conduct your own comparison of decanted and non-decanted wine at home, or...
  8. Musical Wine Glasses

    Musical Wine Glasses

    When was the last time you ran a moistened finger along the rim of a crystal wine glass, making it sing?  Perhaps, after reading this post, you’ll give it a try tonight! Concerts of “glass music” produced by this same technique used to be all the rage in Europe.  There were even performers, like the blind Marianne Kirchgessner, with entire...
  9. The Importance of Champagne Flutes

    The Importance of Champagne Flutes

    Did you ring in the New Year with a flute of Champagne? Honestly, we wouldn't blame you for hiding your nice flutes from rowdy NYE party-goers, but for quieter occasions there's no substitute for a lovely flute. Aside from simply looking elegant, drinking from the right glass enhances your experience of the wine.  Because Champagne and sparkling wines are served...
  10. What to Look for in Tawny Port

    What to Look for in Tawny Port

    Unlike its ruby cousin, tawny port’s signature color is a bit lighter, as is its body.  Simply put, it’s a more delicate wine that exhibits some of the softer traits of vintage port.  Unlike expensive vintage port, however, tawny port is available at a fraction of the cost. Tawny port is produced by blending older port wines.  Similar to ruby...
  11. Custom Accents for Wine Cellars: Artwork

    Custom Accents for Wine Cellars: Artwork

    Collectors building custom wine cellars often struggle with a question: "How do I make my wine cellar reflect me?" Wine is your true passion, so you want your wine cellar to be more than just rows and rows of bottles. You want it to reflect your personal style, and say a little something about you and your love of wine...

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