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San Diego High-rise Condo Modern Wine Cellar with Glass Front

This stunning glass-enclosed modern custom wine cellar was designed and installed by Vintage Cellars. The Contemporary Custom Wine Room was fitted into an existing fireplace space, turning the visually unappealing sore thumb of the room into a magnificent show-stopping centerpiece.

custom wine cellar

This modern luxury condo on the 31st floor in a downtown San Diego high-rise acted as a very interesting project for the custom wine cellar design team at Vintage Cellars. The modern wine room space has dual paned, insulated glass but because of the nature of glass itself, the cooling unit was recommended to be oversized.

The custom wine room space itself didn't have great options for venting the cooling unit due to the location on the 31st floor. The best option to vent was determined to treat the wine room as a wine cabinet, per se. The Cooling Unit, a CellarPro 1800 XTS, was placed in the ceiling, venting down cool air and circulating vented air back upward. The result works perfectly for a uniquely modern and contemporary space such as this.

custom wine cellar

This fully enclosed, glass front custom wine cellar boasts a 300 bottle capacity with a sleek, modern, label forward feel that ULTRA Wine Peg racking is known for. The center section is a double-stacked full reveal display row, showcasing some of the homeowner's finer wines.

custom wine cellar

Cellar Features

  • 1,000+ Bottle Capacity
  • VintageView Metal Display Racking
  • Triple Deep Wall Mounted Wine Racks
  • Small Decanting Countertop

Though no particular space was made within the wine racking area, the design of this modern custom wine cellar was pushed back a couple of feet so that wine case storage could be an option between the glass front and the custom racking.

Additionally, the clean feel goes even further upon looking for the entrance into this wine cellar. The flat panel on the furthest left side opens slowly and almost magically when pushed in slightly. A great, modern touch!

A gorgeous, modern condo such as this is just begging to have a custom wine cellar. This space, with big help from this contemporary wine room, screams luxury upon entering. The clean, modern, and sleek style within the home has found its match with an equally stunning custom wine room.

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