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San Clemente Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar with Traditional Wood Racking, Tasting Table and Natural Light

This wine cellar is located in a shore-side gated community in San Clemente, California. In a collaboration with Amanda Bloom of Decorative Designs & Remodeling, Vintage Cellars was able to help create an absolutely beautiful wine room inside of this existing nook. This custom wine cellar is fully enclosed with glass, though not in the traditional sense similar to some of our other projects.

custom wine cellar

Walls with large windows and windowed doors were incorporated to keep the flow between the two rooms more open. The team at Vintage Cellars was able to utilize a corner portion of the existing larger room and build a space where wine and the wine cellar could be the stars. The corner of the room also incorporates two existing windows into the cellar. The existing windows are surrounded by stonework, and bring in a good amount of natural light for the wine storage space. Though this may seem like a great idea, sometimes the darkest, most visually unappealing wine cellars have proven over time to be the best for storing those age-worthy wines. Vibration, Light, and improper temperatures and humidity levels can be a real detriment to your prized wines. For this instance, however, this room and its design worked for the homeowners perfectly. With constant social gatherings in the cellar and adjacent tasting room, the openness of the wine cellar has proved to be a great talking piece, and quite the showpiece too!

As a building professional I have completed several projects with Vintage Wine Cellars. Our design team collaborates with Jake on the room details and Jake masters the rack design. This team approach has worked really well for us. The crew are professional, knowledgeable, on time and on budget. The installers are a delightful group of guys too!

Amanda Bloom - Decorative Designs & Remodeling

The wine cellar itself is medium-sized with many unique features incorporated. The wine racking is made from all heart redwood with no stain. This makes for a very traditional looking custom wine cellar which goes very well with the already incorporated color scheme and wood surfaces throughout the rest of the house. The cellar design features mostly individual bottle storage with high reveal display rows around the outside perimeter. On the left wall, as you walk in, Vintage Cellars included staggered depth and height coved trays for both 750 ml and magnum bottles. An uncommon feature used on this wall also allows for many of the displayed bottles to be seen from both inside and outside the glass-enclosed wine cellar. Additionally, there is a custom wine storage island in the center of the room. This island turned out to be just the perfect amount of extra space the homeowner needed for bulk storage. The design team at Vintage Cellars intelligently incorporated room for case storage, diamond bins, and a tasting table all into one beautiful and functional feature. The homeowners couldn’t be more pleased!

Cellar Features

  • 1,000+ Bottle Capacity
  • VintageView Metal Display Racking
  • Triple Deep Wall Mounted Wine Racks
  • Small Decanting Countertop

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