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Los Angeles Modern Farmhouse - Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar with Wood and Metal Display Racking

Vintage Cellars collaborated with Sharon Taftian Interior Design and Boswell Construction in Los Angeles, California to create this modern farmhouse style wine cellar with glass windows and a triple deep wine wall. Through close meetings with the Interior Designer, Builder, and homeowner, Vintage Cellars was able to craft a one of a kind custom wine cellar that perfectly matched the rest of this uniquely designed country home in Brentwood, California.

custom wine cellar

This special wine room boasts rustic wooden wine racking with single deep individual bottle storage, custom cabinetry, and high reveal display rows spanning the entire back wall. Diamond bins were added below, mixed with some case storage, and a decanting countertop complete with a glass rack hanging above creates a special space to socialize and open your best vintages.

True Showpiece of a Wine Cellar

Vintage Cellars was able to create a “true showpiece of a wine cellar” that we’re sure the homeowners will love for years to come.

Vintage Cellars did an exemplary job of executing my designs. They were able to create a custom stain, add lighting, and create a true showpiece of a wine cellar. I have already contacted them again to work on additional projects. Thank you.

Sharon Taftian, Allied ASID

To match the farmhouse feel, this rustic wooden wine racking is made from premium redwood and was given its weathered feel with a custom dark stain created in-house at Vintage Cellars. Vintage Cellars also added LED lighting within the racking to accent certain features in this stunning small walk-in wine cellar. This wine cellar is another great space that was designed and built next to an adjacent bar. With the incorporated window into the room, the open bar and wine storage space seamlessly flow into each other. While looking through the glass window directly into the wine room, eyes are immediately drawn onto the back display wall, accented by VintageView’s horizontal, label-forward wine racking display with wood racking display features beneath. Thanks to a great team involved with this project, Vintage Cellars was able to create a “true showpiece of a wine cellar” that we’re sure the homeowners will love for years to come.

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