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Dual Air Quiet Split Systems

The Dual-air Quiet (DQ) Wine Cellar Cooling Systems are designed to provide refrigerated air to 55-65 F. DQ evaporators return air at the bottom and supply two-way air discharge 10-12 feet in both directions at a medium velocity airflow. This promotes excellent circulation in long and narrow display cases. These units are the perfect solution for large wine cabinets and walk-in wine cellars and offer exceptional temperature recovery, reducing fluctuation. For high-use areas that are accessed frequently, these DQ systems offer adequate power to ensure consistency. DQ evaporators are available in standard capacities from 1,800 to 4,600 BTU per hour and are used with aR134a refrigerant.
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  1. Split System DQ 2600
    Split System DQ 2600
    Discounted Price $3,599.00
  2. Split System DQ 3600
    Split System DQ 3600
    Discounted Price $3,899.00
  3. Split System DQ 4600
    Split System DQ 4600
    Discounted Price $4,899.00
  4. Split System DQ 6600
    Split System DQ 6600
    Discounted Price $5,599.00
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