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  1. Wine Profile: Malbec

    Wine Profile: Malbec

    Meet Malbec!  Malbec grapes are a beautiful deep purple color, and they produce a rich, dark wine.  Malbec is commonly used in combination with other grapes to create Bordeaux-style blends, but can stand alone as an exceptional wine as well. The Malbec grape is very thin-skinned, delicate, and easily ruined by frost.  It requires more sunlight than most grapes, and...
  2. Tips for Cooking with Wine

    Tips for Cooking with Wine

    16th century wine press I love to cook with wine.  But I admit it, sometimes, pouring a cup or a bottle of perfectly good wine into the cooking pot can seem a little sacrilegious.  Is using your good wine in your food worth it? In a word, yes.  Wine imparts a richness and depth of flavor that is simply hard...
  3. Wine Review: Ravenswood 2007 Zinfandel, Belloni Vineyard (Russian River Valley)

    Wine Review: Ravenswood 2007 Zinfandel, Belloni Vineyard (Russian River Valley)

    If you've ever searched for the perfect pairing for a porterhouse, we have the wine for you.  The Ravenswood 2007 Zinfandel just cries out to be imbibed with the buttery tenderness of a great porterhouse steak. This wine is dark ruby in color and has a nose of black cherry, violets and baking spices.  The taste is characterized by lots of concentrated...
  4. Wine Recipe: Boeuf Bourguignon

    Wine Recipe: Boeuf Bourguignon

    As the cold weather approaches, my tastes start changing.  After months of craving chilled Rosé or Pinot Grigio, I start to want deeper, richer wines.  I'll start with rich, buttery Chardonnays, turn to Pinot Noirs, and eventually end up wanting only the biggest, boldest reds, like Cabernet Sauvignons. My cooking starts to reflect this change, too.  I begin to shun salads...
  5. How to Make a Red Wine Sauce

    How to Make a Red Wine Sauce

    We've posted on how to make a white wine sauce.  But we'd be remiss in our duties to provide you with wine know-how without teaching you how to make a red wine sauce as well.  A red wine sauce is a richer, more delectable counterpart to its buddy, the white wine sauce.  Just like a white wine sauce, though, it...
  6. Steak With Rosemary Red Wine Sauce

    Steak With Rosemary Red Wine Sauce

    Dying for some grilled food?  I know I am.  In the dead of winter, when it seems like all I'm eating is roasted and slow-cooked meats and hearty pastas, I sometimes get a craving for something a little more fresh tasting.  Nothing satisfies that craving better than a big grilled steak and a crisp green salad.  So put on your...
  7. Great Wines for Valentine's Day

    Great Wines for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is today! Still in need of a perfect gift?  This year, think about forgoing the teddy bear and heart-shaped jewelry.  Instead, get her a romantic gift you can enjoy together: wine.  Here are some great choices for romance on the 14th. Great with chocolate-covered strawberries: This valentine's day classic is perfection with another classic: Champagne.  Pop a bottle...
  8. A Versatile South American Red: Domaine Monte de Luz 2008

    A Versatile South American Red: Domaine Monte de Luz 2008

    Domaine Monte De Luz 2008 The Tannat grape is believed to have its origins in the Basque region; however, its use in winemaking is associated with the Madrian region in southwestern France.  One of the easiest varietals to grow, Tannat does quite well in South America, Uruguay in particular. The  Tannat Domaine Monte de Luz 2008 is a very rustic...
  9. What's Up With Tannins?

    What's Up With Tannins?

    Recently, we recommended serving a Cabernet with steak and butter-rich foods, partly because of the wine’s tannins.  But what are tannins, actually? Tannins are polyphenolic compounds naturally found in plants that bind to proteins and other organic compounds.  In other words,  they are naturally found in the skins, stems, and leaves of grapes, and they are attracted to proteins, like...
  10. The Easiest Wine-Pairing Rule

    The Easiest Wine-Pairing Rule

    Without referring to the internet (or your latest wine-pairing app), how can you tell what wines go “best” with what foods?  Here’s the simplest wine pairing rule that almost always produces yummy results: if it grows together, it goes together!  That’s right.  Tried-and-true wine and food pairings often originate in the same region, and because of this synergy many pairings...
  11. Jake's Corner: Tasting a Spanish Wine for Summer

    Jake's Corner: Tasting a Spanish Wine for Summer

    With the prospect of long, warm summer nights stretching before them, many people automatically reach for a white or rosé, something chilled to counteract the day’s heat lingering in the air. But just because it’s warm outside doesn’t mean that you should give up on red wine for the season. In fact, summer is a great time to enjoy red...

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