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  1. Sherry: Is it for the Kitchen or the Bar?

    Sherry: Is it for the Kitchen or the Bar?

    This morning, I picked up a bottle of sherry for dinner tonight.  Not to drink, but to cook with.  But then it struck me: why was I abjuring it from my glass, and banishing a cup to the soup pot and the remainder to a slow death in the cupboard?  Sherry is wine, after all.  Why don't we drink it...
  2. Wine and Ice Cream

    Wine and Ice Cream

    This week, we're prepping you for a wine lover's Valentine's Day with some yummy ideas you can share with your sweetie! So, your Sweetie Pie wants some ice cream to accompany a romantic bottle of wine during an intimate evening in?  Unheard of?  Think again!  There are, in fact, some decent wine and ice cream pairings you can try! Is...

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