Grocery stores are definitely the easiest places to get wine.  After all, you're already shopping--why not take a quick trip down the wine aisle?  But once you're there, it can be bewildering.  With no descriptions and no expert advice, you can end up never straying outside of your comfort zone of those bottles you know you like.  Even worse, you can end up choosing a bottle based on the label, and as we all know, you can never judge a book--or a wine--by its cover. If you want to expand your wine knowledge, a wine shop can be the perfect place to start.  Wine shops are well-stocked with a far bigger variety that you see at the supermarket, and what's more, their sales associates usually know what they're talking about.  They can help you find the perfect wine to accompany that Sunday dinner, or clue you in to inexpensive bottles with expensive taste.  Their expertise can help you develop your wine knowledge, and help make picking out a bottle of wine a more enjoyable experience.  If you're in the San Diego area like Vintage Cellars, click here for a list of San Diego wine shops.  Here's some of our favorite San Diego wineries as well. An expert opinion might be closer than you think.  Happy learning!