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  1. So, You’re at a Benefit Dinner... and the Wine is Terrible!

    So, You’re at a Benefit Dinner... and the Wine is Terrible!

    Image from Service Culture International: Perhaps you’re at a dinner to benefit a worthy cause, but the wine served with your prepared-in-bulk meal is mediocre at best, or in the worst situation downright undrinkable: what do you do?  Is there a graceful way to handle the situation?  If wine is being served with your meal, chances are you’re...
  2. Dare to Drink Wine by Yourself?

    Dare to Drink Wine by Yourself?

    Image from Wine Online Club: Although there’s a stigma surrounding drinking by yourself, sometimes it can’t be helped!  What if circumstances make it so that you must dine alone?  What if your dinner companions call last-minute, sending regrets, after you’re already seated at your restaurant of choice?  Dining and drinking alone does not have to be a sad...
  3. Wine Pronunciation Guide

    Wine Pronunciation Guide

    Image credit: Dave Morrison Photography Raise your hand if you've ever avoided ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant because you couldn't pronounce the name. Bookmark our wine pronunciation guide and never fear embarrassing yourself again! Alvarinho: ahl-vah-ree-nyoh Albariño: al-bah-ree-nyoh Barbaresco: bar-bah-RES-coe Barbera: bar-BEH-rah Barolo: bar-ROW-lo Beaujolais: boh-zhuh-LAY Bordeaux: bohr-DOH Brut: BROOT Cabernet Franc: KA-behr-nay-FRAHNGH Cabernet Sauvignon: ka-behr-NAY so vihn-YOHN Cava: KAH-vah Chablis: sha-BLEE Chardonnay: shar-doh-NAY Châteauneauf-du-Pape: shah-toh-nuhf-doo-PAHP Chenin Blanc: SHUH-ihn BLAHNGK Chianti: key-AWN-tee...
  4. How to Navigate a Wine List

    How to Navigate a Wine List

    Even the most confident of wine lovers can get bogged down by a wine list that reads like a novel. Here’s how to safely navigate a restaurant wine-list and pick a bottle that’s sure to please everyone at the table. Step 1: Choose a Color Start by choosing between white or red by considering what you'll be eating. You’re out...
  5. Discover the Dry Rose Wines of Provence this Summer

    Discover the Dry Rose Wines of Provence this Summer

    The dry, floral, refreshing roses that hail from Provence have about as much in common with those California wines as a Cabernet has with a glass of icewine. About the roses of Provence The Romans brought wine-making to Provence before the birth of Christ, and the region has been carrying on this tradition for more than 2,500 years. Today, Provence...

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