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  1. A Toast to Champagne!

    A Toast to Champagne!

    Happy New Year from the crew at Vintage Cellars!  We'd like to remind you that tonight, when you're raising your glass with family and friends, to not forget a small, personal toast for that beverage of celebration: champagne!  If you're looking for a great new bubbly to try, here's the San Francisco Chronicle's 100 Top Wines list, headed by seven...
  2. Wine Preservation: What to do with That Open Bottle

    Wine Preservation: What to do with That Open Bottle

    Tightly sealed, a bottle of wine can keep for years.  In fact, if you've been reading this blog you know that many times, the best thing you can do for your bottles is to let them hang out in your cellar for a few years.  Wine slowly improves with age, in part because of a minimal exposure to a small...
  3. How to Navigate a Wine List

    How to Navigate a Wine List

    Even the most confident of wine lovers can get bogged down by a wine list that reads like a novel. Here’s how to safely navigate a restaurant wine-list and pick a bottle that’s sure to please everyone at the table. Step 1: Choose a Color Start by choosing between white or red by considering what you'll be eating. You’re out...
  4. Winemaking 101

    Winemaking 101

    How is wine made? Whether you’re a newbie wine aficionado who wants to get the  basics down, or  a seasoned collector in need of a quick refresher course,  read our step-by-step guide to find out how your favorite beverage goes from grape to bottle. The Harvest The last stage on the vine is the first step in the winemaking process...

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