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Residential Wine Cellar Design in Pacific Palisades Los Angeles

In this wine cellar conversion project, we built a small contemporary wine cellar enclosure and insulated the room for efficiency using closed-cell polyurethane spray foam, which also acts as a 100% moisture-resistant vapor barrier. The dual-pane thermal insulated door is exterior grade and includes weather stripping to create an airtight seal. The CellarPro 1800 XT wine cooling system is mounted into the ceiling.

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We used floor-to-ceiling metal wine racks to achieve a contemporary feel and glass doors so the beautiful wine display can be viewed on three sides from outside the wine room. The wine bottles are displayed in a label forward orientation, allowing for easy browsing. The design is stylish and simple, creates a floating display of the client's bottles, and is well suited to the space.

Cellar Features

This small wine cellar displays the client's collection in a modern way using high quality metal wine racks from VintageView to create an illusion of the bottles floating in the air. VintageView wine racks are durable and provide an affordable wine storage option.

  • "VintageView" Racking Style
  • Dual-pane thermal insulated door
  • Label forward bottle orientation
  • Contemporary cellar conversion

We continue to provide innovative wine storage solutions to avid wine collectors. We always want to make sure that every wine room we build performs its function effectively with proper installation of high-grade components. The climate-control system play a primary role in proper wine storage. If you want to learn more about the wine cellar cooling systems we offer, you can visit our Wine Cellar Cooling Units Ultimate Guide.

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With so many different kinds of wine racks/wine racking/wine cellar designs and styles, you can really go in any and every direction in the discovery and design phase of a custom wine cellar project. The custom wine cellar builder's team at Vintage Cellars makes the entire process exciting, informative, and smooth from start to finish.

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