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Custom Wine Cellars in Irvine, California

Orange County Glass Front Modern Traditional Wine Cellar with Metal and Wood Racking, Diamond Bins, Coved Trays, and High Reveal Display

Vintage Cellars completed the design and build of this glass front wine cellar addition In Irvine, California. In this unassuming luxury neighborhood, similar to other projects completed with The New Home Company, Vintage Cellars created a series of custom wine cellar design options available for incorporation into each new home. The custom wine cellar option proved to be a smashing success, with more than 45% of the new homeowners requesting the installation. It’s no wonder, such a dramatic and gorgeous glass-enclosed custom wine room deserves to be in every home!

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San Juan Capistrano Orange County Wine Cellar Wrought Iron Redwood Wine Barrel

This fantastically designed wine cellar, built by the master wine cellar builders at Vintage Cellars, is a unique representation of fun and bespoke features that can be incorporated into a traditional redwood, yet modern and bright wine cellar.

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