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A Transitional Restaurant Wine Cellar Design with Vintage and Modern Elements

Located in beautiful Irvine, California, Porch & Swing features one of our transitional restaurant wine cellar designs with wooden and metal wine-racking elements that are sure to impress. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine and a meal with friends and family in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

The custom walk-in wine cellar features deep triple shelves with a wood countertop and can hold up to 943 wine bottles. This amount of storage capacity is ideal for restaurants or businesses that store a lot of wine. The metal frames also add to the racking durability, making it a long-lasting investment.

modern and vintage wine cellar

This modern take on a vintage restaurant wine room is one of Vintage Cellars’ masterpieces.

Designing a Transitional Restaurant Wine Cellar with a Large-Capacity Racking System in a Compact Space

Designing a wine racking system for commercial cellars can be challenging, especially when space is limited. But with careful planning and creative thinking, it is possible to design a system that will accommodate many bottles while leaving plenty of room for other storage needs.

A small-sized walk-in wine storage room doesn’t have to look cramped. You can still enjoy the benefits of a more extensive wine cellar without sacrificing space. This large-capacity wine-racking solution is excellent for restaurants serving large numbers of wine bottles regularly.

A Good Contrast of Wooden and Metal Elements for the Commercial Wine Storage System

wine cellar perspective layout

The transitional wine cellar’s overall design view shows how a small space in the restaurant can fit a massive number of wine bottles.

Combining wooden and metal materials for the wine racks is an incredible addition to the transitional design of this vintage-inspired restaurant wine cellar. It features a sleek design with wooden racks and a glass door. The vintage wine cellar may feature a more traditional wooden rack system, but it is also outfitted with a more modern look.

The wine racks were made using wood with metal framing, a minimalist modern design that is also durable and long-lasting. The team used a ½-inch plywood backing behind the wall and ceiling surfaces to which the racking is attached. The plywood ensures that the metal framing is sturdy enough to support the weight of the shelves.

There are also 3 columns of triple-deep wine display boxes at the front and 2 rows of double-deep wine boxes above the wood countertop, wherein each wine display box has a 39 and 5/8 inch width enough to display three bottles horizontally. In addition, 2 sets of triple-deep wine display boxes are also located on each side of the wine cellar.

Bottom Wine Display Rows and Shelves with a Wood Countertop

When it comes to displaying wine in a restaurant, the options are endless. But for those who want to combine a vintage and a modern look, consider using a wood countertop with your wine display rows and shelves. This will give your wine cellar a unique look that is sure to stand out from the rest.

Wine Cellar wooden racking system

The wooden wine racking gives off a classic vintage look similar to the restaurant combined with a more modern metal wine rack framing.

The whole racking system includes with 14 angled display rows, 4 rows on each side of the wine cellar and 6 rows at the center, allowing guests to view the labels of the bottles easily. Choosing a sturdy wood that can support the weight of the wine bottles is necessary, especially since the metal rods supporting the angled display shelves has the capacity to hold 12 wine bottles for each row.

The lower half of the wine racks come with 9 wooden U-shaped wooden shelves at the base. These units provide additional space for storing wine bottles, glasses, and utensils. The area below the U-shelves can also be used for storing wine boxes.

A Restaurant Dining Area with a Fantastic View of the Wine Cellar

The dining area in front of the wine cellar can cater to a group of people with a full view of the walk-in wine room. The wine cellar can provide an exciting and relaxing backdrop while dining, and the view can add to the restaurant’s overall ambiance.

Wine Cellar Glass Door Showing a Glimpse of the Wine Room Interiors

The walk-in wine room of the restaurant is one of the most popular spots, and it’s easy to see why. The expansive glass door offers a great view of the extensive wine collection, and the comfortable seating makes it the perfect place to enjoy a meal, host parties, and any event.

The see-through glass door is not only for visual appeal but also for function. The glass door allows guests to see the different types and labels of wine and the temperature-controlled environment in which they are stored.

A wine cellar needs a good cellar door to be efficient. This cellar features a door with a glass insert, which is a very popular option with our customers.

restaurant dining area with wine cellar view

The wine cellar’s beautiful interiors are clearly visible while enjoying a fine dinner in the restaurant.

Climate-Controlled Self-Contained Restaurant Wine Cellar Cooling System

A self-contained wine cellar cooling system is a great way to keep the wines at the right temperature for this restaurant’s wine storage room. The cooling unit is located on the other side of the wall, and the air travels through the vents in the ceiling providing uniform temperature distribution throughout the cellar.

A good self-contained cooling system will keep the temperature consistent in a smaller wine storage room between 55 degrees and 68 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius). This type of system is perfect if you have a smaller storage area and want to reduce energy costs.

In addition to maintaining stable temperatures, a self-contained cooling system helps humidify the air inside the walk-in cellar. This helps to prevent mold growth and other problems that can plague improperly stored wines. This way, the client won’t have to worry about the stored wines going bad prematurely.

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