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CellarPro 1800QTL Cooling Unit

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CellarPro 1800QTL Cooling Unit

Our quietest wine cooling unit. Replaces Breezaire 1060 and WineMate 1500 wine cooling units. Optional mounting clips sold separately.

CellarPro 1800QTL Cooling Unit. CellarPro's 800QTL is our quietest cooling unit, and was designed for use in smaller wine cabinets and non-ducted small wine cellars.

These cooling units provide outstanding performance and adjustable humidity control.

These cooling units are designed to operate in environments ranging from 40 to 95 degrees.

For installations in environments down to 20°F, we recommend adding our compressor heater modification to the cooling unit. Below 20°F, the cooling unit's performance will begin to degrade.


    Unit Dimensions
    • Height 10 1/2 in
    • Width 18 in
    • Depth 16 1/2 in
    • Capacity 1065 BTUH @ 55℉
    • Weight 60 lbs.
    Electrical Requirements
    • AMPS Starting 14.2 Amps
    • AMPS Running 3.0 Amps
    • Electrical Requirements 115 Volts / 60 Hz
    • Decibels 41 dBA (Rear)
    • Requires Dedicated 15-Amp Circuit
    • Recommended Surge Protector


    The CellarPro 1800QTL cooling units (Model# 1151) provide gentle cooling and the quietest noise level among all CellarPro cooling units. CellarPro engineered the 1800QTL for small wine cabinets that are placed in common living areas.

    Designed for indoor use only, 1800QTL units are preferred for temperature-controlled conditions that don't exceed 85℉.

    • This unit offers a choice of top or rear hot exhaust.
    • Adjustable humidity control combines a high-output compressor with flexible fan cycles to maintain a recommended level of moisture inside your cellar.
    • Extra-large coils generate maximum cooling power.
    • Commercial-grade Electrofin coating protects the evaporator coils from leaks and corrosion.
    • Intuitive LED display panel with digital programmable thermostat is simple and easy to use.
    • Energy-saver mode, quick-chill mode, and auto-defrost cycle provide convenient solutions to common cellar needs.
    • Unit operates with minimal vibrations and less noise than comparable units from competitors.
    • Audible and visual alarms and maintenance- needed indicator protect the cooling unit and the wine cellar.
    • 10-foot power cord exits from the rear and plugs into standard 110V receptacles.
    • Common dedicated 15-amp circuit is required to power the unit.
    • 3-amp electric receptacle is provided to run a small lamp.
    • Removable steel case provides access to the internal components for servicing and repair.
    • CellarPro's 5-Year Standard Warranty, the most thorough in the industry, protects the unit against manufacturing defects.
    • An optional Enhanced Warranty is available for additional protection.
    • ETL Tested and Certified to rigorous UL Standards for safety.


    CellarPro 1800QTL Upgrades/Accessories

    Power Cord Out Side Modification CellarPro cooling units have the power cord running out the back of the unit by default. If you will be plugging the unit into a power source that is inside your cellar, you may wish to purchase the power cord modification. The power cord modification puts the cord out of the side of the cooling unit to facilitate plugging into a power source inside the wine cellar.
    Power Cord Out Side Modification
    Drain Line Kit without Heating Element This kit includes a condensate fitting and a 10- foot drain line at the rear of the cooling unit.

    Drain Line Kit with 100W Heating Element This kit includes a heating element that, when it senses water, will turn on and burn off excess condensate. This kit also includes the condensate fitting and a 10-foot drain line at the rear of the cooling unit.
    Drain Line Kit with 100W Heating Element
    Autodialer Alarm System for CellarPro High temperatures can be extremely dangerous to your aging wine, so a cooling unit problem can easily destroy years of collecting. Make sure it doesn't happen to you by installing an alarm system, linked to your cooling unit. This CellarPro autodialer alarm alerts you by dialing up to 4 phone numbers that you program and letting you know that a power failure or mechanical failure has occurred. The CellarPro autodialer alarm is highly recommended for those with large, expensive collections, frequent travelers, and to wine cellar owners in warm areas where a brief cooling failure may prove costly.
    Autodialer Alarm System for CellarPro
    CellarPro 1800 Mounting Clips These mounting clips allow you to bolt your CellarPro 1800 cooling unit to the ceiling. Framing is required in or above the ceiling. The mounting clips can be positioned anywhere along the front edge of the cooling unit and have slots drilled for bolting to the ceiling. Set of 2.
    CellarPro 1800 Mounting
    CellarPro 1800 Louvered Grill Hide the rear of your cooling unit with this white louvered grill. The louvered grill comes painted white but can be painted to match the wall outside the cellar.
    CellarPro 1800 Louvered Grill


    Advanced Electronic Thermostat

    • Digital LED Display
    • Energy-Saver Mode
    • Quick-Chill Mode
    • Audible and Visual Alarms
    • Min/Max Temperature
    • Maintenance-Needed Indicator
    • Power On/Off Switch
    • Auto-Defrost Cycle
    • Stainless Steel Drain Pan
    • Removable Steel Case
    • Replaceable Condenser Air Filter
    • Rechargeable Refrigerant Schraeder Valve
    • Adjustable Mounting Brackets

    CellarPro Advanced Electronic Thermostat


    CellarPro Manufacturer Warranty

    CellarPro Wine Cooling Units 1800 QTL / QT / XT / XTS: For five years from the date of purchase, your CellarPro warranty covers all parts and labor to repair or replace any components in the wine cooling unit that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship.

    1800 XT-220V: For two years from the date of purchase, your CellarPro warranty covers all parts and labor to repair or replace any components in the wine cooling unit that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship.

    4200VSi / VSx: For five years from the date of purchase, your CellarPro warranty covers the internal compressor if it proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. In addition, for two years from the date of purchase, your CellarPro warranty covers all parts and labor to repair or replace any components the wine cooling unit that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship.

    For all products covered by the terms of this warranty, CellarPro will repair or replace the original cooling unit with a new or refurbished cooling unit and, once replaced, the original cooling unit must be returned to CellarPro.

    All service provided by CellarPro under the above warranty must be performed by CellarPro or a designated repair facility unless otherwise specified by CellarPro. Purchaser is responsible for shipping the wine cooling unit to and from CellarPro or to and from a designated repair facility, and for removing and reinstalling the wine cooling unit from the wine cellar.

    The limited warranty applies only to wine cooling units purchased from the factory or an authorized dealer. Damage caused by others or by any cause beyond the control of CellarPro, shall not be considered defects in material or workmanship and are not covered by the warranty. The limited warranty does not cover any parts or labor to correct any defect caused by negligence, commercial use, accident, or improper use, maintenance, installation, service or repair.


    Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other legal rights, which vary from state to state.

    To receive parts and/or service contact CellarPro directly by calling (877) 726-8496.

    CellarPro 1800 Series Extended Warranty

    CellarPro enhanced warranty coverage for 1800 Series cooling units includes five (5) years of in-home coverage for the entire CellarPro cooling system. Designed to augment our standard warranty, our extended warranty enhances coverage as follows:

    • Supplements the standard warranty during the 5-year period
    • Covers the cost of all parts and labor to repair or replace defective parts during the warranty period
    • Covers the cost of in-home service during the warranty period
    • Covers shipping costs via standard ground service during the warranty period

    Please note the following terms and conditions:

    • A deductible of $49 will be charged per incident
    • Cleaning the coils and/or replacing the filter on the cooling unit are not covered by the extended warranty
    • Scratches, blemishes and other damage caused during transit and/or normal wear-and-tear are not covered by the extended warranty
    • Issues related to improper installation and/or usage of the products are not covered by the extended warranty
    • The extended warranty is available exclusively to residential customers in the continental U.S. for use in non-commercial applications
    • The extended warranty is not available for 220V models or  CellarPro 1800XTSx
    • The extended warranty does not cover accessories
    • The extended warranty is not transferable"


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