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  1. Red Wine Sangria

    Red Wine Sangria

    When you're deep into winter, when temperatures dip low and frost covers the ground...ok, we're in San Diego, but give us a break: it's only been in the 60s this week!  Regardless of just how cold it is where you are, this is the time of year when you start to crave the fresh and wonderful flavors of summer:  juicy...
  2. White Wine Sangria

    White Wine Sangria

    As summer approaches, it’s time to start thinking about light, refreshing beverages that are ideal for sipping and savoring on a warm, sunny day.  White wine, rosé, and even some reds are wonderful wine choices, of course, and we’ll be highlighting some especially good choices in the posts to come. But say you’re having a party, or just celebrating a...
  3. A Perfect Summer Wine Cocktail: The Classic Bellini

    A Perfect Summer Wine Cocktail: The Classic Bellini

    If you find yourself craving something sweet and fruity during these hot summer days, we've got the perfect suggestion for you: the Bellini.  The Bellini originated in Venice, Italy at Harry's Bar (which is still going strong and serving great Bellinis!).  The Bellini is a very simple cocktail that uses only two ingredients--sparkling wine and peach puree (making this the...
  4. The Perfect Halloween Wine Cocktail

    The Perfect Halloween Wine Cocktail

    Everyone knows the key to any successful party: good drinks!  If you're hosting a Halloween party this weekend, you can't go wrong with this "Bloody" Orange Mulled Wine recipe.  And it's a snap to make!  Here's the recipe: "Bloody" Orange Mulled Wine Combine in a large pot or slow cooker: 4 bottles of your favorite red wine 4 peeled and...
  5. A Christmas Brunch Cocktail

    A Christmas Brunch Cocktail

    You may be too old for Santa Claus, but Christmas has a hidden benefit for adults: it provides the perfect excuse to drink in the morning!  This Christmas morning champagne cocktail is perfect for enjoying with a leisurely brunch...preferably while still in your PJs. As with all cocktails made with champagne, quality doesn't matter all that much (but go...
  6. Holiday Sangria

    Holiday Sangria

    Here's another Christmas wine cocktail sure to please your palate--and your guests'.  This is a great one for parties, and the festive red color makes is perfect for the holiday season.  Bottoms up! Holiday Sangria Mix 2 parts each cherry syrup and gin in a shaker. Pour over ice into a tall glass. Add a large splash of soda...
  7. A New Year's Eve Cocktail

    A New Year's Eve Cocktail

    Hosting a party this New Year's Eve?  Look no further for the perfect cocktail.  This elegant drink looks great in the glass and tastes great too. Sparkling Pear New Year's Cocktail Set out 8 champagne flutes. Divide 1/2 cup of pear nectar (sold in cans in most grocery stores) among them. Carefully top off each glass with your favorite champagne...
  8. Make Your Own Sangria

    Make Your Own Sangria

    While wine purists may roll their eyes at this post, making Sangria has become a popular topic.  Taken for what it is, basically a mixture of wine and fruit, Sangria is often a summertime "gateway beverage" that leads non-wine drinkers to eventually explore the richly-rewarding world of wine.  (Some folks say wine coolers act in a similar way.)  While Sangria...

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