Everyone knows the key to any successful party: good drinks!  If you're hosting a Halloween party this weekend, you can't go wrong with this "Bloody" Orange Mulled Wine recipe.  And it's a snap to make!  Here's the recipe:

"Bloody" Orange Mulled Wine

Combine in a large pot or slow cooker:

4 bottles of your favorite red wine

4 peeled and sliced oranges (you can zest them first and add the zest to the pot too)

2 peeled and sliced lemons (zest optional, as above)

1 Tbsp nutmeg

1 Tbsp ground ginger

honey to taste (start with a cup)

3 cups brandy or cognac

2 cups water

orange juice to taste

Heat ingredients until sugar or honey has dissolved and wine is steaming.  Serve in mugs, garnish with orange slices.  Your guests will love it!