Bubbles from a rose champagne
You may be too old for Santa Claus, but Christmas has a hidden benefit for adults: it provides the perfect excuse to drink in the morning!  This Christmas morning champagne cocktail is perfect for enjoying with a leisurely brunch...preferably while still in your PJs. As with all cocktails made with champagne, quality doesn't matter all that much (but go for the dry stuff if you're serving a crowd, it pleases more palates).  So save that good bottle to savor by itself!  Also, remember to pour the mixers first and add the champagne last, otherwise you'll lose precious bubbles. The Poinsettia Fill your champagne glasses a quarter full with triple sec Add a splash of cranberry juice. Fill the rest of the way with champagne. This holiday cocktail is a festive color, and tastes as good as it looks!  Serve with pancakes or coffee cake and enjoy Christmas morning the right way.