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  1. Take Your Flavonoids!

    Take Your Flavonoids!

    You've probably heard before that red wine can have an impact on heart health.  But what exactly is it about this beloved beverage that can keep you living better, longer? Studies on red wine began to emerge when scientists realized that the French, despite indulging in rich, buttery, and fatty foods, experience less obesity and live longer than people in...
  2. Kitchen Uses for Wine Vinegar

    Kitchen Uses for Wine Vinegar

    Here on the VC Blog, we've talked about wine vinegars a lot.  We've discussed how to make delicious homemade red wine vinegar and white wine vinegar from those leftover bottles taking up space in your kitchen.  We've also talked about how to then take those tasty vinegars to make individual bottles of flavored vinegars that are equally great to use...
  3. “Contains Sulfites”--Don’t Fear the Label!

    “Contains Sulfites”--Don’t Fear the Label!

    “Contains Sulfites” is printed on most bottles of wine we purchase.  We may even know people who claim to be allergic to sulfites and abstain from drinking red wine.  (They often substitute a few glasses of white.)  Other people complain that the sulfites in all wines give them headaches; they avoid drinking wine altogether, preferring other spirits. What is interesting...
  4. If You’re Going to Drink, Choose Red!

    If You’re Going to Drink, Choose Red!

    There have been a lot of benefits associated with drinking red wine.  Now, a study at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at Los Angeles has demonstrated that a glass of red wine a day may help reduce the risk of breast cancer.  What did the researchers find?  Chemicals just under the skins of red grapes (and in their seeds)  lowered women’s estrogen...
  5. Wine May Help Prevent Diabetes

    Wine May Help Prevent Diabetes

    American studies have shown that drinking wine helps to prevent type-2 diabetes, and a recent study conducted in Europe concurs.  The results, soon to be published in the Journal of International Medicine, were derived by examining numerous variables among thousands of participants.  These included detailed lifestyle and eating habits of individuals living in Italy, Spain, the UK, and other European...

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