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  1. How to Choose a Great Rosé

    How to Choose a Great Rosé

    Summer is so close that you can practically taste it!  Well, in my case, the tasting is more literal than figurative, because right now, I'm enjoying a chilled glass of rosé and dreaming about the beach.  Rosé is the quintessential summer wine: it's light and refreshing, meant to be enjoyed chilled, and goes perfectly with summer foods like grilled chicken...
  2. Wines for Grilling

    Wines for Grilling

    Summer's here and that means grilling season.  When the summer days mean it's too stifling to cook over a hot stove, I loveto take the kitchen prep outside and cook as much as I can over the open flame.  Not only does it keep the house cool, grilling outside lets me enjoy the warm summer evenings, and offers the delicious...
  3. Wine Review: 2010 Mulderbosch Rosé

    Wine Review: 2010 Mulderbosch Rosé

    Who says Rosés are just for summertime?  They're actually also great for those winter nights when you'd like to sip on something a little lighter.  Rosés are especially great with those spicy foods we crave to warm us up when the thermometer drops, so think about cracking one open next time you order Chinese or make a spicy cold-weather soup...
  4. Wine Baskets Make Great Wine Gifts

    Wine Baskets Make Great Wine Gifts

    Wine baskets are wonderful gifts that everyone loves.  As a result, they can cost hundreds of dollars at fancy food stores.  But why spend the cash when you can easily make them yourself?  They're simple to create, and they make great, personal gifts that your friends and family will really appreciate.  You can fill your wine gift baskets with almost...
  5. A Springtime Rose: the 2010 Triennes Rosé

    A Springtime Rose: the 2010 Triennes Rosé

    The first rosé of the year has arrived just in time for spring, and spring-like it its!  For a longtime fan of rosés, this beauty certainly does not disappoint!  Made from an exquisite blend of Syrah, Cinsault, Merlot, and Grenache grapes, the proportions of grapes in the 2010 Triennes Rosé were expertly chosen.  The merlot flavor, in particular, is more...
  6. 2010 Château Montaud Côtes de Provence Rosé

    2010 Château Montaud Côtes de Provence Rosé

    This delightful rosé blend from Château Montaud makes a perfect picnic wine, or one to enjoy on a nice, hot summer eve.  With a very clear raspberry appearance, this evanescent wine has stunning visual presence.  The nose, very clean but low-keyed, presents pronounced berry and peach aromas, with hints of honeysuckle, strawberry, and even a wisp of pear!  Pleasant-tasting, this crisp wine has...

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