Mulderbosch RoséWho says Rosés are just for summertime?  They're actually also great for those winter nights when you'd like to sip on something a little lighter.  Rosés are especially great with those spicy foods we crave to warm us up when the thermometer drops, so think about cracking one open next time you order Chinese or make a spicy cold-weather soup.

Tonight, I'm pairing some chicken curry with a wonderful 2010 Mulderbosch Rosé from South Africa.  It's dry and smooth, but its fruit flavors come through pleasantly.  In my case, it's a welcome break from the rich, hearty Cabernet Sauvignons I've been drinking lately.  It's really not a traditional winter wine, as the fruits that come through are delicate summer berry flavors--predominantly strawberry, with a touch of mineral acidity for balance.  But it reminds me of the tastes and smells of summer, and is the perfect complement to my spicy, creamy curry.

Think outside the box, and let this nice Rosé bring a little summer to your chilly winter nights.  What's your favorite non-traditional winter wine?